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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I may be the staff writer that eventually gives Short Matt the heart attack that will kill him. It is almost 2:30 in the morning and I am composing this classic off the top of my head. Today’s topics will be: Alonso over Judge, USA vs Mexico And Fantasy Footballs.

Alonso vs Judge I know that Aaron Judge has the sexier name. He is tall, jacked and looks like an advert for adopting mixed race kids or something. However, it looks like the rookie home run record that belonged to Judge will fall to Alonso. Alonso was thought to be a big hitter coming up the ranks but no one expected him to rake like this. He maybe the best story to come out of this season… well, him and Jeff McNiel. It would be nice if one positive record went to the Amazins and a class guy like Alonso. I can’t wait til this goes south and he gets traded for two useless guys or hurts his back and gets a David Wright-like deal.

USA vs Mexico: Mexico thumped the USA 3-0 on Friday. If the Mexicans brought their scoring shoes, it could have been double. I was happy for the Mexico win because I think the US Soccer federation is a joke. They waited one year to appoint a coach and he was the operating director’s brother. No, it is not that Gregg Berhalter is a bad coach. He is the coach that overachieves with mediocre talent, so you think with better talent he should be better. Then you realizw you have hired the soccer version of Mickey Callaway.

Meanwhile, Mexico went and hired a coach with a more worldly resume, who in his first year had the best regular season record and in his second… won the league. However, because he doesn’t speak English, he was not considered for the USA job. TV interviews are more important than winning tactics because mediocrity excites a fan base,  right? NOT.

Theery of this loss and humiliation must be felt by all. I don’t think Berhalter will get fired but he should and the whole administration should all physically and literally fall on their sword.

Fantasy Football: Is everyone ready? I have a team with 3 QBs and have to drop one of Matt Ryan, Carson Weintz and Drew Brees. I am looking to drop Weintz. I am also looking to see is LeShaun McCoy is available, as he maybe worth a RB4 spot. I also need another defense; I am not a fan of having the Bills defense. Now I gotta remember to make these changes before kickoff on Sunday.

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