Monday Morning QB/Rain Man: Is Kaep Back? Still Gase Raus, Browns & Steelers Brawl

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I am back, so you can stop pacing. However, I have formally requested a move to the Monday slot. Our dear leader, Short Matt, will take Saturday spot in the rotation. So brace yourself, here’s your first dose of the Junster [pronounced Joon-ster] as a Monday Morning QB.  Still Gase Raus, The Kap is Back and Browns-Steelers Brawl.

Still Gase Raus:Raus” is German for out. Being a soccer fan, I came across the phrase when fans want a coach fired. I know after the loss to the Dolphins, there was talk about how the Jets needed to get rid of Adam Gase, as the season was over and it was time to fire the floundering skipper after losing to said Fish. Well, now with two straight wins and last week’s talking up by CEO Chris Johnson and QB Sam Darnold, that chatter has died. It should not. All the Jets have proven is how weak the NFC East is. They are 3-1 in that conference with the one loss being while Darnold was sick. Gase has mismanaged dealings with 3 players, leaving them no option but to get on Social Media. That is poor management and that is a sign he is not ready for this gig.  This is one of those moments where the crazy bad for you girlfriend does something nice and you start thinking may it could work out. No it can’t bro! Get out while you can. That is what the Jets need to do.

Colin_Kaepernick, Adam_Gase, Junoir_Blaber, Meet_The_Matts, Stephen A. Smith

The Kaep is Back: I am pretty sure it is a PR stunt but the NFL is trying to look less plantation system. So they signed a deal with Jay-Z to help pick acts for their half-time shows for big games. Then it was granting Colin Kaepernick a pro workout to show he still has what it takes to be in NFL. Roughly 24 teams saw Kaep show he still has what it takes. 3 years out of NFL is a long time but it seems to me Kaep is still good enough to be a back-up at least. I mean, this is a league that had/has Trevor Sieman, Case Keenum and Nathan Peterman as back-ups. It will come down to which owner has the nerve to stand up to the fans and media scrutiny.

Steelers vs Browns Brawl: That Steelers have a rivalry with the Browns, New and Old (Ravens). This brawl was one for the ages. Myles Garrett received an indefinite suspension for ripping Mason Rudolph’s helmet off and hitting him with it. That is a serious act but funny because Rudolph was the red-nosed instigator. That is what bothers me the most about this case. Rudy is gonna just get a fine when we should be looking to stop instigators and Rudolph should be punished severely to deter other instigators.

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