OJ Simpson Back In The Limelight. The Juice Squeezed in Vegas

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LAS VEGAS, NV – With fatherhood turning his days into seconds, his sleep-time into blinks of an eye and his coffee intake reaching into the gallons per day, a beleaguered Junoir Blaber is up against it. So yours truly, great American, is here to bail Mr. Blaber out of pundit responsibilities today. Speaking getting of getting bailed out, O.J. Simpson is back in the news! Oh. Goody. Our Sports Saturday just got some… [wait for it]… Juice!


Okay, our sordid tale begins with Orenthal James Simpson getting paroled back in 2017 after serving 9 years in jail on a 33-year sentence for trying to steal back his own autographs… or something like that. So what does he do after 9 years in the joint and the public watching his every move, just hoping he farts out of step? He goes to Vegas.

You don’t go to Vegas to behave, Ladies and Germs. How many times do we have to tell you that?! Apparently, OJ never got that memo, as he got into some kind of kerfuffle and is now suing The Cosmopolitan.


As per the complaint, after several hours with two friends (we’d love to know who) at a steakhouse and lounge in November of 2017, OJ received a note from a security guard. Said note was issued as they were leaving and informed Simpson he was persona non grata at the casino going forward. There was no reason given.

Simpson’s suit says “…unnamed employees defamed him by telling a celebrity news site [TMZ] he had been drunk, disruptive and unruly.”

Officer Nordberg Simpson denied in the lawsuit that he was “belligerent,” broke glass or damaged property.

Moreover, his attorney, Malcolm “Hello” LaVergne, said his client’s reputation was damaged by “hotel staff” accounts cited in a TMZ report that Simpson “was drunk and became disruptive” at the resort’s CliQue bar.

oj-simpson-Naked_Gun, Nordberg, Meet_The_Matts, Twitter, TMZ, Cosmopolitan

Okay, those are the facts from the Juice Camp (TM).  But here’s one thing that needs to be considered: What the hell is OJ doing anywhere in the state that is dying to jail him just weeks after getting paroled? Perhaps he is a bit nuts after too many head knocks during a career that included rushing for the 2000 yards in a 14-game season. That was on frozen AstroTurf in Buffalo, after all.

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