Monday Morning QB/Rain Man: Jets Still Jets, Big Pats Loss, Prime Time Buffalo Bills

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday everyone. Reading the comments from Cheesy’s predictions is always funny, especially the ones he calls right – like the Jets-Bengals game. However, even without his predictions it was an eventful day in football especially the AFC East, which will be the focus of today’s discussion. On the menu is… Jets Still Jets, Big Pats Loss and Prime Time Buffalo Bills.

Jets Still Jets: I said last week how the Jets like to do the contrary of what their fans expect and they continued to do that yesterday. After winning three in a row and looking set for a fourth win as they faced the only winless team in the league, the Jets started to believe they were a good team. They walked into Cincinnati full of themselves and got rolled. I hope no one is shocked by this lose and horrible performance. “They are what we thought they were” to quote Dennis Green (ironically). They always manage to do this and no one who has been a Jets fan for any amount of time should have been surprised.

Big Pats Loss: The Houston Texans surprised on-lookers by defeating the defending champion New England Patriots on Sunday. This was a huge win as it drops the Patriots from the #1 seed to the #2 seed. This is huge because if Baltimore, the new number 1 seed can hold onto the 1 seed in the playoffs a host the AFC championship game, they have a better chance of defeating the Patriots. The Patriots are a much more vulnerable team when they don’t have the #1 seed overall. They were a neutral zone infraction away from losing last year and have lost previously when the championship game was on the road. What is also insane is now the Patriots may be in danger of losing their division lead. This is all great stuff for the league.


Prime Time Bills: The Buffalo Bills got their first taste of the national spotlight on Thanksgiving Day. In their game against the Cowboys, Da Bills put in a dominating performance that made everyone sit-up and take notice. So much so that their game in couple of weeks against the Steelers has been moved to a night game, so they get the prime time spotlight again. The Bills look to be a lock for the wildcard with an outside chance of the division. They play very good defense with an okay offense and are truly more than the sum of their parts. It will be interesting to see how they finish, as they have the Steelers and Ravens with return matches against the Patriots and Jets.

P.S… Can we all laugh at Nick Saban and Alabama losing again and falling out of the Top 4?

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