The New York Mets Get a Makeover? and Zack Wheeler Signs a New Deal

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 SPANISH HARLEM – Fans of the New York Mets got some good news on Wednesday but much like anything that happens for the Mets, there is a downside to that news. Steve Cohen has negotiated a deal that will leave him as the majority owner, yet it won’t go into full effect for another 5 years, as Fred and Jeff Wilpon will remain in their roles until then.

The bright side is that the Mets will finally get under new management and fans can start looking to the future. While the Wilpons remain in decision-making roles, you have to be believe that Steve Cohen will have last say on anything that could affect the franchise moving forward. It’s welcome news to all and people around the Mets are applauding the fact that there is change coming at the top. It will add intrigue into the decisions made this offseason, as people will speculate where the decisions are coming from. There is still more news to come, but it’s definitely great news for everyone who loves the Mets. Now if only we can get James Dolan to leave…

Mets, Wilpons, Phillies, Carlos_Beltran, Zack_Wheeler, Meet_The_Matts, Buddy_Diaz, MLB


Other news that came on out Wednesday could affect both the New York Yankees and Mets, as Zach Wheeler signed a 5-year deal for 118 million. That’s one pitcher off the board in free agency and only adds urgency for the Yankees to sign one of the top free agent pitchers on the market. With a guy like Wheeler gone, that eliminates him as a fallback option for either club. I don’t think the Mets really wanted to bring Wheeler back, but he could have helped the Yankees pitching staff in the upcoming year.

It will be interesting to see how the Yankees fare with Stephen Strasburg and Gerrit Cole, as they are set to meet with both free agents in the coming weeks. Madison Bumgarner is also an option and I like him more than Strasburg but I haven’t heard any news about the Yankees asking for a meeting. The faster these guys are signed the less options the Yankees will have to improve their starting pitching so fans are hoping they can secure a top guy sooner rather than later.

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