NFL News: Malcolm Jenkins, Tom Brady and Nick Foles

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SPANISH HARLEMLike Angry Ward alluded to yesterday… Thank god for National Football League! Amirite? With sports news being very limited now due to the circumstances, the NFL has had transactions and free agency news that has many of us talking sports again. With that, let’s jump right into some news that caught my eye.


I love what Malcolm Jenkins represented when he was a Philadelphia Eagle. He was a great leader on defense and in the community. While he wasn’t great in coverage, he made up for it as an interchangeable player who was willing to cover tight ends and stuff the running game when needed. It will be hard to move replace such an impactful and celebrated player but it was time to move on. His contract demands didn’t help him and the Iggles are looking to get younger at many positions. Jalen Mills looks to be his replacement for the time being but the real reason Jenkins is gone is because the front office wanted to keep a younger safety in Rodney Mcleod. I hate to see players that  I loved leave but it was the right thing to do.


Piggybacking off Angry Ward, I am as surprised as anyone that Tom Brady is leaving New England. The news all year long that there was a problem between Bill Belichick and Brady seemed exaggerated and something that could be fixed with the right amount money. I don’t know if Brady wanted to leave all along or if it was Belichick’s decision but money was certainly a factor. Brady wanted to be paid what he thought he was worth and Bill has his philosophy of never paying players for past performance. It seems Belichick won this battle and now we get to see what each can do without the other.

tom-brady-tampa-bay-buccaneers, Jameis Winston, Buddy_Diaz, Meet_The_Matts


I read online that many fans Chicago wanted the Bears to trade for Cam Newton and to some extent, it seemed like the ideal situation for Cam. The Bears could mimic the Carolina Panthers and run the offense through Newton and surround him with a great defense. If that sounds familiar, that’s because the Panthers used that system in 2015 and made the Super Bowl that year. Cam is older and injury prone but it could work if he stayed healthy and had a good year. Now the Bears have Nick Foles and fans are pissed but should they be?

Foles is a Super Bowl-winning quarterback and beat the best organization in our generation. Is that not enough for you bears fans? No. Why not wish for a broken-down quarterback who may be pasted his prime? You should be ecstatic that you have a new starting quarterback with championship pedigree. Some fans may not like Foles today but trust me, they will learn to love him if they can play the same system the Eagles did on their run to the Super Bowl.

That’s all for today, feel free to leave your comments below and come back for Different Matt tomorrow.

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