Random Thoughts: MLB, NFL, Allen Iverson and Patrick Ewing

SPANISH HARLEM I want to thank everyone on this site for their well wishes and to Short Matt for being patient with me through these trying times. You can take away everything I have been though and I would still find it difficult to give the readers something I’m proud at putting out. I commend everyone on this site for sticking to it and providing us something to read when we need a jolt of sports in our life. With that, let’s focus on a couple of things that have caught my eye recently.

Baseball Rumored To Start in July?

Sources (not mine) have stated that Major League Baseball has eyed July 1st has a possible start date for the season. This pandemic has many people thinking the worst when it come to sports in general but there has to be a plan and I’m sure everyone involved is looking at best/worst case scenarios. It might seem like a pipe dream that we will have baseball this year, yet there still has to be a strategy ready if and when the time comes to make a final decision.

NFL Schedules Released

The National Football League is providing us with some good news… in the shape of news! The NFL Draft gave us a lot to sink our teeth in to when there wasn’t much to write about and now we have the release of schedules for every NFL team. They are moving forward as if everything will start on time but I don’t put much stake into these dates. I’m optimistic that we will have football at some point but with everything going on in the world and the practice teams need to be fully prepared, have there will likely be some changes to the schedule.


Allen Iverson Practices Social Distancing?

If you’re old enough, you probably remember the media meltdown everyone witnessed when Allen Iverson blurped “We talkin’ about practice, not games but practice.” The uproar was so damn funny because it was Iverson being Iverson, what did they expect? I for one wasn’t surprised because not every player is Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, who loved to spend hours upon hours in the gym. That is not to say that Iverson didn’t put in the work to be great but he was different and everyone mocked him for it.

Yesterday I found this… I love it for so many reasons and shows he knows how to poke at himself.

Patrick Ewing Not Watching The Jordan Documentary

Is anyone surprised by this? Should I be?. No and no. The New York Knicks were Jordan’s biggest rival in the 90’s but not by much because they could never beat him. The battles were awesome and hard for me to think about but I’m a fan of the team, not a player. It had to be harder on those guys and especially Ewing, who had to endure another season where they came up short. The big guy will always be one of the greats to play the game but because of Jordan he will be put in the category of Greatest Players to Never Win a Championship. Sure, he had some opportunities when Jordan retired but his chances were greatly diminished when Jordan came back out of retirement.

That’s it for me, come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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