Big Ben: Trump’s Idiotic Suggestions for the Redskins, Indians, and Bubba Wallace

STAMFORD, CT – Well folks, as we stumble into July the prospects of watching team sports has brightened slightly, but the damn virus is still on everybody’s mind. Our government’s response has been as graceful and sure-footed as Jose Canseco tracking a fly ball in right. And it all started at the top, with an utterly incapable nightmare of a president. It’s gotten so bad that Kayne West entering the race didn’t weaken the field. Donald Trump just can’t keep his fat mouth shut when it comes to sports either. This week he came in hot with a few helpful suggestions for the Indians, Redskins, and Bubba Wallace.

The Indians and Redskins Should Change their Names

In what would have been considered an unhinged Tweet in a time of sanity, but now just gets disinterested shrugs, Don the Con proclaimed that “they name teams out of STRENGTH, not weakness…” and are only changing their names to be politically correct. The all caps really drives the point home.

MTM has learned that Chuck Hoskin, Jr, Chief of the Cherokee Nation, has changed his mind on this issue thanks to Trump. He reportedly said “You know, I thought ‘Redskins’ was offensive until the rich white guy who was gifted a million dollars by his Dad when he was starting out and called it a small loan, then later bankrupted casinos and started a pretend college, said it wasn’t. The guy really gets our plight.”

It will be fun to watch Daniel Snyder give the press conference announcing the name change. I like the Red Tails idea, after the Tuskegee airmen, but it’s too good of an idea to actually happen. Snyder will likely opt for something lame and generic.

Bubba Wallace Should Apologize

Trump asked on Twitter if Wallace had apologized and called the whole thing a “hoax”. Er, what? Why the F should Wallace apologize? The guy had nothing to do with it. One of his crew members found the noose and showed it to Nascar. He was a total bystander, it doesn’t even make sense. Can’t Trump have someone read the whole story to him instead of just the headline?

As if his idiotic suggestions weren’t enough, he felt compelled to take a shots Elizabeth Warren and Nascar’s ratings in those same Tweets. Nascar’s ratings have been up since they got rid of the Confederate flag. And I guess he’s so proud of his “Pocahontas” joke, he can’t let it pass. Good one, President Beavis. 

Screw Him, Sports

Anyway, it’s not all bad news. Daily deaths have reached their lowest point since March 24th. Baseball has a schedule. Hockey has a plan. Basketball is probably doing something too. Fingers crossed.

That’s all I got for today. Come back tomorrow for a 6,000 word essay from Angry Ward. Speaking of angry, my twins love telling me when they’re angry. I blame Daniel Tiger – “Mad, mad, mad. It’s helps to say you’re mad.” Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.


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