COVID-19 Hits Baseball… What Do We Do Next?

Miami_Marlins, Covid, MLB Coronavirus, Buddy Diaz,, Don_Mattingly, Meet_The_Matts

SPANISH HARLEM – The baseball world was turned upside down this week and dealt with its first major Covid-19 issue.

The Florida Marlins had about half its team test positive for the virus and stunted a couple of teams in the process, including the New York Yankees, who were to play the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday. The Phillies played the Marlins after 4 players tested positive and it was the right move to keep everyone involved in that game quarantined, as we saw more players on the Marlins tested positive the next day.

Most of knew that something like this would happen at some point within all the major sports but with no bubble in baseball, it was the sport most likely to go through it.

Now the Yankees head to Baltimore to play the Orioles and try to salvage a game between the two teams that were most effected. The Orioles were supposed to play the Marlins so at least both teams get a game in before we know what will happen next. Some people believe this will be the end for the baseball season but I think that Major League Baseball will try its best to continue the season.

Miami_Marlins, Covid, MLB Coronavirus, Buddy Diaz,, Don_Mattingly, Meet_The_Matts

My idea is to allow teams to make up any games lost, if need be, then have a bubble for the playoffs. The fall is generally not the best time to play games, due to the cold and sometimes snow, depending on where some games are played. Start looking at certain venues, specifically domed stadiums so that weather won’t affect any games. I know that at this point teams are playing in their own stadiums but we have to look at different options at some point, why not now? They can try to play as many games as possible in the current format and also look at what they can do different for the playoffs.

This is a strange new world we live in and we can’t expect for everything to go according to plan. The best options right now are more options, that way we can continue to have live sports. The NHL and NBA have tried the bubble format and from what we know so far, its working. Maybe its time that Major League Baseball looks into what they can do better so we don’t have same issues come up again. More games lost means less games we can enjoy and at this time we need sports just to make life feel more normal, though not through the expense of players health.

Click this to hear what Commissioner Rob Manfred had to say.

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