Sports Rain Man: Washington Senators, Joey Chestnut & the Restart Bubble

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy post-4th of July celebration. This will go down as the weirdest in my life and I am sure you can add to the weirdness of it all, living in the middle of the Covid. Here are the topics for today: Washington Senators, Joey Chestnut & the Restart Bubble.

Washington Senators

So the so the Washington Racial Slurs and the Cleveland Racial Slurs have decided to finally consider changing their name. I mean I’m glad for all the changes brought about by the social unrest but I can’t believe this was the final straw that made them wake up and realize it was wrong. They’re bouncing around the names for Washington like “The Hogs” and some others. I see nothing wrong with the Senators. Canada’s hockey team, sure, but it would make sense for a football team in Washington.

Joey Chestnut

I saw the glowing USA Today piece wondering if Nathan’s Hot Dog Champion Joey Chestnut was an athlete. I mean, he’s won the title 7 times in a row but I just can’t put competitive eating as a sport. I’m not even sure that this exists in Europe as a sport but I feel we have a whole circuit in the US. I don’t know what category is – competitor??? But I don’t think you call him an athlete.

Restart Bubble

I know a lot of the leagues are trying to force restarting but this life in a bubble thing is weird. MLS is trying to go to Disney and keep everybody safe but players from FC Dallas have already tested positive. The NBA’s is trying to do the same thing but players are also struggling. All of this seems weird, so I don’t know if this is going to make it. The athletes want to make it cuz they all want to get paid – at least the ones who are on not big-time salary guys. Hopefully it happens, we need some new material on this site.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney. But first, feel free to comment below.

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