Jonathan Isaac, Slim Sabathia, MLB Alternate Programming

Jonathan Isaac, Rob Manfred, Andre_The_Giant, Matt_McCarthy, Willie_Shoemaker, Meet_The_Matts

COVID BUBBLE, FL – The out-of-whack continues to permeate the air of Zombie Apocalypse Earth. Before the asteroid hits, let’s get to today’s topics: Jonathan Isaac, Slim Sabathia, MLB Alternate Programming

Jonathan Isaac, Rob Manfred, Andre_The_Giant, Matt_McCarthy, Willie_Shoemaker, Meet_The_Matts

Jonathan Isaac stood for The National Anthem.

That is now a gasp-inducing headline in our topsy-turvy world. For those of you living in a bubble [ding ding], Isaac is black and plays for the Orlando Magic, who spanked a Brooklyn Nets team that will soon be using their trainer as a small forward. Mr. Isaac also chose not to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. Being the only person from either team, including staff, not kneeling or wearing the t-shirt, he stood out like Andrea The Giant at jockey convention. In the post-game press conference, a female reporter asked The Dumbest Question Ever: Do you believe that black lives matter? Wow. That one could garner a Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting… or a pink slip. Did she expect him to say “no?” One could argue that asking that question is inherently racist, as it could be interpreted that people of a certain ethnicity or race can’t have a different opinion. I’ll leave you with Isaac’s response for you to figure out how you feel. Before you watch, note that Jonathan pumped in 16 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. Pretty f’n good.

Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr.

For me, the craziest thing I’ve seen out of any MLB Covid Camp came with last night’s ceremonial first pitch kicking off the Yankees vs Red Sox. If you don’t recognize the above name, you likely also didn’t recognize the guy throwing out the first pitch. Carsten Charles is more widely known as CC, but any variation of the word “wide” no longer applies to the 19-year but now-retired, pitcher. Indeed, yours truly did a double-take and actually watched more than 3 minutes of the game, looking for another glimpse of the former fatty-turned-fit-guy. Sabathia now looks like he could immediately help those depleted/beleaguered Nets in the front court. Kudos to the man named for the Sabbath. And speaking of kudos or applause, the Yanks/Sawx rivalry is the one series that a lack of fans is most noticeable. No screaming expletives, incessant booing or taunting. Can’t speak for you but without all that, I had a a hard time watching something I normally might. But I hate the Yanks, so take that into consideration.

MLB Alternate Programming

Commissioner Rob Manfred issued networks a heads-up that they should prepare alternate programming in case the season gets 86’d. Keith Olbermann broke the news yesterday on Twitter, which was news in itself because I thought he was retired and living on that “eat something” island. But here he is, front and center in current stuff. Go figure. Irregardless Regardless, impending doom has this pundit pulling out pretend hairs, wondering what the “Alternate Programming” will be. the @mlb shutdown Commissioner Manfred threatened union chief Tony ClarkWatching the NBA or NHL in August is like celebrating Christmas in June… or Los Angeles, so that ain’t going to cut it. Anyway, some suggestions for you: Absentia, The Boys, The Patriot, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Goliath on Amazon PrimeLongmire, Alone, Glow and Ozark on Netflix and Yellowstone on Paramount.  But Jesus H. Christopher, that baseball fix is what we all need… Even if it comes from the Mets, who remain impervious to all the craziness and implode as they always have.

Feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, whose Bruins‘ fix is disconcerting.

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