Yankees in Trouble, NFL Kicks Off on Eve of 9/11 Anniversary

Mahomes hit a home run in his first outing... Jimmy's is not a Key injury to worry Yanks.

NEW YORK, NY – With just a few weeks left in the MLB irregular season, the battered Yankees are on the verge of playing themselves right out of the playoffS. The Bronx Bombers won 14 of their first 20 games and looked like they would cruise into the playoffs at the top of the AL East.

Since then the injuries have piled up and the Yanks have only won eight of their next 23 games. They now find themselves in a scrap for the second Wild Card spot. They come into today’s double header with the Orioles just a half game ahead of Baltimore and one game ahead of Detroit.

Key injuries have decimated the Yankees starting lineup. That combined with inconsistent pitching from both the starting rotation and the bullpen have left the Bombers in bad shape heading into the home stretch. They’ll need to win a lot of games down the stretch to stay in the race. They’ll play five games against the Orioles this weekend and they have seven games left against the second place Toronto Buffalo Blue Jays. If the Pinstripers do hold on to this Wild Card spot, they’ll play the Rays in the first round of the playoffs. Tampa has owned the Yanks this season. New York has a lot of work to do to finish out this season. Things don’t look good, but at least they are in a better position than the Mets.

Mahomes hit a home run in his first outing… Jimmy’s is not a Key injury to worry Yanks.

To the gridiron we go!

The NFL season kicked off last night as the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs took on the Houston Texans. The game featured two of the League’s top talents as Patrick Mahomes went up against DeShaun Watson. Mahomes tried to show he was worth the 10-year $450 million contract extension. The Chiefs scored 31 unanswered points after an early Texans touchdown. Houston added a couple of scores late on to make the final score look a little better but the result was never in doubt.

The game, as expected, saw its fair share of social justice protests as the Texans stayed in the locker room for the National Anthem. Before the start of the game both teams embraced on the field as a show of unity. There will be plenty of protests to come this NFL season. And there will be plenty of fans who say they will boycott. Those fans will be back eventually. They always come back.

And most importantly…

19 years ago today 3,000 people lost their lives in the worst terrorist attack in American history. It was a day that changed the American way of life and we are still dealing with the fallout from that tragic event. With the current pandemic and unrest over racial and social injustice, lets not lose sight of the terrible loss of life and the fundamental change to our national identity. Never forget those lives that were lost that day.

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