“No Mistake Jake,” Tom Terrific and DeGrom MVP Talk

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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – Overkill, overexposure and whatever else you want to call it, permeates the sports world. It usually makes me less inclined to talk about the beaten-to-death topic or even care. Our over-concussed and vegan, tree-hugging leader spoke of Jacob deGrom yesterday, as have other contributors recently. Normally I’d be talking hockey but I tuned into most of the Mets game to watch the Mets pitching freak on Friday while feasting on dry-rubbed, oven baked chicken drumsticks wrapped in bacon (See what you’re missing out on, Boss?) Tossed in a side of homemade baked beans and cornbread. Now back to Jacob deGrom.

There’s a certain level of suspense whenever No Mistake Jake takes to the hill because the downside of the hurler’s brilliance is that you must watch the Mets hit, or try to at least. This happens between the string of 1-2-3 frames deGrom stitches together. As has been the case for most of his Cy Young career, the team should be taken to court – like a deadbeat dad – for lack of support. His 71 total wins is about twenty shy due to no offense and sh!tty bullpen work.

Comparisons are always made and is difficult to gauge across baseball eras, especially with the way the game is played now, as opposed to even ten years ago. The best franchise comparison to The deGrominator is Tom Seaver. End of discussion. Both pitchers could pitch AND throw if you understand what I’m getting at here. They set up hitters with strategy and precision and possess the ability to throw the heater by a hopeless batter. Seaver and deGrom are economical in their approach as well. As a New York Met, Nolan Ryan walked a ton of batters due to his lack of control and like Dwight Gooden – with his uncontrolled behavior – weren’t Mets for very long. Doc had better “stuff” (pitching and otherwise, AHEM!) than Ryan, but the cautionary tale says he could have been the best Met ever… or so I think.

Friday night the Metsies actually scored runs – fueled by deGrom’s two hits. This forced Louis Rojas to keep him in the game for something not seen in Flushing since the Age of the Dinosaursa complete game. With the number of online sportsbooks that allow you to construct your own proposition bets, I’d love to know what odds would be given on a deGrom no-hitter. From what I saw Friday night, it’s definitely coming. Another aspect of the pitcher’s game is his hitting ability. Seventy-one hits and 71 wins leads us to believe if he gets a hit in his start it’s a W… another prop bet to consider.

Major League pitchers are never thought of as “five-tool” players but this guy is one of them with an intelligence on top of all the athleticism. The Citi Field faithful was chanting M-V-P due to deGrom’s performance Friday night and while Keith and Gary were saying it is premature this early in the season, I say why the hell not?

Speaking of which, why the hell not leave your thoughts below and WTHN come back tomorrow for a man who has five tools in his front pocket, Junoir Blaber.

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