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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Back To Work Day! Not so happy? Me either. Let’s talk sports and fuggitabout it for a few minutes. Our topics: Instant Replay, Buffalo to NJ, Eddie George

Instant Replay

Junoir Blaber

Did Instant Replay always suck?  I can’t remember for sure. I am now watching more soccer and rugby and they have instituted replay referees and they suck. I remember the NFL had it, dropped it and then brought it back in limited use. It just seems as bad as in-real-time refs. Maybe it’s the refs using it still suck and it is pilot error not mechanical error. It is weird that with all the help from computers/technology, we get such inconsistency. I just watched an accidental slap on the face be ruled a foul and subsequent goal taken away, while a player being manhandled last week was not. The promise of instant replay, no matter the sport, never lives up to the hype.

Buffalo to NJ

This story touches key parts of the MTM group, since we have Buffalo residents, NJ residents and Short Matt has gone from Dirty Jerz to Buffalo for college… Last season the Toronto Blue Jays used the Buffalo Bisons’ stadium, Sahlen Field (formerly Dunn Tire Park and North Americare Stadium). Buffalo Billy will probably still call it Pilot field, like long-time Mets fans call Citi Field, Shea. Anyway, the Jays used Sahlen because they couldn’t travel to Canada. As there was no minor league season last year, this was fine. This year there will be, though, so to make room the Bisons will play 22 of their games in Trenton, NJ… Trenton was chosen since they don’t have a team assigned after realignment. In return for their host’s kindness, the Jays are fitting footing the bill to make renovations to Sahlen Field, to bring it up to Major League standards. These changes include a weight room and batting cages in the stadium and other MLB stadium amenities. It is an easy win for the Bison(s) and sets them up for an attempt to become a Major League franchise in the future.

Eddie George

Following the appointment of Deion Sanders at Jackson State, another historically Black college has appointed a NFL Hall of Famer with zero coaching experience as head coach. Tennessee State College has appointed Eddie George as it’s skipper beginning as soon as their spring season ends this Saturday. TSU has been a mediocre team under the soon to be former head coach and their is no guarantee that George has any idea what he is doing. What it will do is generate buzz for the program and, like with Sanders at JSU, it will definitely help recruiting.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who once dove into a barrel of boobs and came out sucking his thumb.

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