Big Ben: NHL Playoffs, Knicks Get a Home Playoff Series, Joker MVP

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STAMFORD, CT – I just found out that the hearthrob from Bridgerton won’t be back for season two. Can they even go on without him? That guy is dreamy and the plot was built around him. Usually when I ask my wife if she thinks an actor is handsome, she hedges and says something noncommittal like “he’s not my type” or “I haven’t thought about it.” But when I asked her about that guy, it was an unequivocal “yes.” Soooo… what’s going on in sports? The NY Knicks have a home playoff series and the NHL playoffs have started. Let’s get to it.

Hockey Time

It only took one night to remind everyone why playoff hockey is the best of the top three sports, after regular hockey and football. Almost every game has gone to OT or been decided by a late goal. Oh, and there is way more hitting.

Brad “Rat” Marchand just ended it for the Bruins in OT. It’s hard to root for either of these teams. Is it too much to ask to have an Ovechkin one-timer pierce Marchand and Tom Wilson like a a summer shish kabob?

If The King were playing, it would be easy to root for the Caps. Henrik Lundqvist is one of the few players I’d rather see win a championship with a team I hate over never winning one. He might be the only player on that list for me. Instead the Caps had to settle for an equally old – but far inferior – Craig Anderson. Keep healing, Hank!

The Carolina Hurricanes are a sneaky semi-dark horse. If Rod Brind’Amour somehow becomes available, the Rangers should give him the Matt Rhule; meet with the guy and don’t let him leave until there’s a deal. They’re my pick to come out of the East, so settle in for some Storm Surges.

The Colorado Avalanche have a bunch of power skaters that look like Sub=Zero from The Running Man. With a full season under his belt, Cale Makar could put them over the hump. Grubauer could be their downfall, but they’re my pick to come out of the West.

I hope the Edmonton Oilers can last a few rounds. Connor McDavid scoring 105 points in this shortened season is legendary and that guy need some prime time playoff exposure. Teammate Leon Draisaitl was the closest at 84 points and the next after that was Rat Marchand at 69. The guys is on a different level. Hot Take.


It wasn’t long ago that a Knicks home playoff series seemed like a pipe dream. Tom Thibideau can coach. Hot Take #2. Although they’re tough, a home matchup vs the Hawks was the ideal result. They avoid the formidable Bucks and the Heat, who have been putting it together. Those teams have to play each other, which is also good for the Knicks.

The Knicks’ biggest concern is James Dolan deciding mid-series he doesn’t like the way things are going and firing Thibs. Said Dolan, “I think it’s time to bring back Isiah Thomas.”

The only scenario I can think of where the Knicks getting out of the East involves Kyric Irving deciding he’s through with basketball AND one of the other big three getting hurt. But winning one series would be fantastic for the Knicks future. You know, if Dolan dies.


Is The Joker really going to win the MVP? It’s been a while since a big goofy guy won the MVP. LeBron thinks Steph should win in it but that’s just coastal bias. Give it to the goon!

That’s all I got. Come back tomorrow for our top goon, Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @benwhit, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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