Sports Rain Man: NHL Playoffs Are The Best, NHL & NBA Playoffs Update

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday! Whooeee! I don’t know about the other dads on the staff but I find it so hard to go out drinking because of my kids. For some reason, I am the morning person with them on weekends so, when they get up, they want to wake me up for breakfast and TV. So regardless how little sleep I get from the previous night out, they want to watch their morning cartoons with me. My wife would step in but she finds the whole thing a brilliant reminder for me to not get too drunk. So I have had a slight hangover all day but fought it off well enough to write this piece. Today’s topics: NHL Playoffs Are The Best, NHL & NBA Playoffs Update.

NHL Playoffs Are The Best

Junoir Blaber

I love the NHL Playoffs, though when your team is not in it, it is not as much fun. Two things confirmed that for me this weekend. The first was my soccer forum chat buddy Bazi. He was saying how he has set up the two TVs in his basement in a way he can watch the NBA Playoffs and NHL Playoffs. I mocked him for not having a life but replied, “I didn’t even know you liked the NHL.” Bazi is a German dude, living in Germany, so it shocked me when he said of all the best of 7 series in America and the World, NHL wins hands down. I mean, if a foreigner feels that way, what more needs to be said? For further confirmation, I caught footage of NY Jets new QB, Zach Wilson and his new offensive line (starters and subs) checking out the Isles game. I hate the Isles but it was a great bit or promotion by them (every Jet had an Isles jersey with their jersey number and name on it). New offensive lineman Dan Freeney seemed to really be enjoying himself – as he should – because he is watching live playoff hockey; the best playoff sport and arguably one of the best sports to watch live.

NHL Playoffs

With that lead in, here’s is an update on the NHL Playoffs:

In the Canada bracket, which I must say doesn’t sound that crazy to me to keep going after COVID, the Edmonton Oilers are being upset by the Winnipeg Jets, as the Jets lead 2-0. Oilers star and NHL Regular season points leader, Connor McDavid is being blanked… The top seed Maple Leafs are tied with arch rivals the Montreal Canadians, 1-1. In the American West, the Colorado Avalanche have already swept Cam James’ St. Louis Blues and the abomination that is the Las Vegas Golden Knights has the Minnesota Wild on the ropes at 3-1… In the Northeast, the aforementioned Islanders are tied 1-1 with the Pittsburgh Penguins, while Cheesy’s Bruins are on the verge of eliminating Ovi and the Capitals, as they lead 3-1…  In the South, the Florida Panthers have the Tampa Bay Rangers, er, Lightning on the ropes at 3-1 and the Predators – after winning in double OT – have tied the series 2-2.

NBA Playoffs

With the Play-in games done with, the real playoffs can start. Just in case you didn’t pay attention like me, the 7th seed LA Lakers won their game against the Warriors, who then had to play Memphis (who defeated San Antonio) for the final spot… Memphis shocked everyone and won that game… In the east, the Celtics dominated the Wizards to take 7th and then the Wizards cruised past the Pacers, who had crushed the Hornets to win 8th. Here are how things look, this does not include the games played last night before the article was submitted.

Eastern Conference
No. 1 Sixers vs. No. 8 Wizards
No. 2 Nets vs. No. 7 Celtics (1-0)
No. 3 Bucks vs. No. 6 Heat(1-0)
No. 4 Knicks vs. No. 5 Hawks

Western Conference
No. 1 Jazz vs. No. 8 Grizzlies
No. 2 Suns vs. No. 7 Lakers
No. 3 Nuggets vs. No. 6 Blazers (0-1)
No. 4 Clippers vs. No. 5 Mavericks (1-0)

Eastern Conference
Celtics 118, Wizards 100 (Boston clinches No. 7 seed)
Pacers 144, Hornets 117 (Charlotte eliminated)
Wizards 142, Pacers 115 (Washington clinches No. 8 seed)
Western Conference
Lakers 103, Warriors 100 (Los Angeles clinches No. 7 seed)
Grizzlies 100, Spurs 96 (San Antonio eliminated)
Grizzlies 117, Warriors 112, OT (Memphis clinches No. 8 seed)

As of press time, Milwaukee came up big in OT to defeat Miami and go up 1-0… Dallas’Luka Don?i? had a 30-point triple double to lead his Mavericks over the LA ClippersBrooklyn’s Big 3 came up huge as they took a 1-0 lead over Boston, while Portland were too much for Denver in their first game so they lead 1-0.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who is ticked about the Hornets.

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