What’s Wrong With The New York Yankees?

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SPANISH HARLEM – This is had been a season of agony for New York Yankees fans, myself included. There are so many things to complain about. You can start with a starting lineup that hasn’t been consistent all season. Then you have the starting pitching, which loves to give up 1 inning runs, making it a tough hill to climb early in the game but who is to blame for all this mess. I got some ideas…

Marcus Thames

The only player to maintain any type of consistency offense through out the year has been Aaron Judge. Everyone else in the lineup has failed to live up to expectations. Sure, certain players have been hurt and that makes it difficult to form a routine and stay in hitting shape but all and all, it has been underwhelming. Usually, when this happens to a lineup, the hitting coach is looked at and rightfully so. You are the one coach that is supposed to correct the mistakes that a player makes. If this season continues the way it, I don’t see him finishing the season.

Aaron Boone

Buddy Diaz

I spoke about his lineup construction before but I don’t think he is entirely to blame on this. In my opinion the front office has more say in the day to day operations. I wouldn’t be surprised if Boone is encouraged to make the lineup a specific way. That’s just the way the game is now, information coming from everywhere but the manager. He is supposed just sit there and call the right shots with what is presented to him on that night. There is no going with gut, and bringing a hot reliever for 3 days in a row, instead of giving him a day off for rest. All is outlined for him, which is why I don’t think he is to blame for this mess of a season.

Brian Cashman

Finally, we get to the architect. Cashman is the one person is the most to blame for what has transpired. Time and time again, the General Manager has signed or traded for pitchers that have not worked out as anticipated – Gerrit Cole excluded. To make matters worse, he has signed and traded pitchers that were coming off of injuries, betting heavily that they would have an impact… they haven’t. He has constructed a lineup of guys that have a lot of swing and miss potential for power and on-base percentage. He forgot that you actually need guys that can hit the ball to win games. I don’t know what will happen with Cashman but if this group of players never win a championship under his guidance, it will be the failure of the person with the most control.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cam James.

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