Angry Ward Wednesday: Derrick Henry Hauling, NBA Balling, and the Yankees Stop Stalling

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BRONX, NY – Am I on? I am? Aaand, we’re back with sports. Lots going on out there with baseball’s American and National League Championship series, NBA basketball returning, football hitting on all cylinders at all levels, and my Minnesota Wild continuing their quest for a perfect NHL season. But, lets start with a couple of football items.

Oh Henry! I’m not sure how much football fans outside of Nashville pay attention to Titans running back Derrick Henry, but he’s an entertaining-as-hell generational talent. Outside of Jim Brown, I’ve been able to watch the greatest running backs in the history of the game—Payton, Campbell, Dickerson, Emmitt, Sanders, etc.—and Henry is making an incredibly strong case to mentioned along with them. For starters, I can’t recall any other running back having as many insanely long (over 70 yards) touchdowns ever. When this guy gets a full head of steam he makes defensive backs look like plodding linebackers trying to chase him down. When all is said and done with his career, I will never forget that his coach his first two years in the NFL, the aptly-named Mike Mularkey, started him a total of 4 times and used him as a change-of-pace back for DeMarco Murray. What a waste.

K.J. is A-Okay. I’m getting a little long in the tooth to wear sports jerseys of favorite players or even HAVE a favorite player, but Minnesota Vikings #3 receiver K.J. Osborn is winning me over. Not only did he catch the winning TD in overtime last Sunday in a game the Vikes did everything to choke away the way only they can, but a couple of weeks back he went to shake Mike Zimmer’s hand after a win over Seattle, and made the best of it when his oblivious HC walked right past him. Ya gotta like a guy who plays hard and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Basketball is Back! The NBA season started last night, so what better time for me to break down the season and give you my predictions for every division and playoff spot. Just kidding. Instead, here’s Philip Seymour Hoffman putting on an absolute clinic. Let it rain!

Nothing funnier than P.S.H. hoisting up bricks. Except, maybe…

Yanks Sign Aaron Boone to 3-year Deal. LOL! I asked, and my prayers were answered. Christmas has come early to the Bronx. Let us all hold hands like the Whos down in Whoville—or the Boones down in Booneville—and rejoice! This news makes everything better. I’ll have plenty to be Yankful for at Yanksgiving. Nature is healing. 2022 is gonna be great.

Come back tomorrow for a sure-to-be-happy Buddy Diaz.

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