The New York Yankees Need A Boricua! Carlos Correa to The Bronx

Fantasy Island?

PONCE, PUERTO RICO – I’m on my island, the Isla de Encanto. Look it up, It’s a thing. I may be biased but hey… why be shy now?

Carlos Correa

The last time the New York Yankees won a championship, they had a Boricua on their team. Berinie Williams is a legend for hitting home runs in the biggest moments. I know I’m biased but how do we get back to that? The last chip we had Jorge Posada was part of the core 4.

Correa has been talked about recently and much has been said. He’s fair game re his sordid past and is someone that is easy to hate but… NEWSFLASH: He doesn’t care. And though he may may piss you off most times, he is great on the field.

Is it me or doesn’t that mean he’d be a perfect Yankee?

Buddy Diaz

He would be the Darth Vader for our Death Star. How may baseball fans would hate on us if we got the other CC? Not only is he good, but he is the best shortstop in the world. Platinum Glove Winner and possibly the best 27-yearold athlete in the world… Yes, I’m counting all sports.

Antonio Brown MVP, Jets Phone It In and NBA EuropeI’m will end this with… I want Carlos Correa and if we don’t get him I’m gonna be really pissed off.

Speaking of pissed off, come back tomorrow for Cam James, who is dealing with rumors that his St. Louis Cardinals are moving to Las Vegas.

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