Big Ben Tuesday: Rapid Fire NFL Talk, Giants in Disarray, Packers and Chiefs Rolling, AFC Logjam

STAMFOR, CT – It was another crazy week in the #NFL… AND… it’s still going with some double barreled Tuesday night action. Hey, if this is a successful vaccine, I’d hate to see an unsuccessful one. Amirite? Speaking of things that don’t do what they’re supposed to, we have the Giants offense. Another week with zero bright spots. Honestly, is there a team in the NFL with a worse five-year outlook? Maybe one or two. I think the Lions are in better shape. The AFC  is jammed up but the NFC is more settled. The Chiefs and Packers have pulled to the front of the pack. Here comes some Rapid Fire NFL Talk.

Every team in the AFC is at least 7-7 except the Jets, Texans, and Jags. That’s 13 of 16 teams at or above .500. Every team is either solid or utterly terrible. There is no great. There is no mediocre. It’s a bizarre year.

One of these guys is playing well

By contrast, the NFC will have nine teams that are at least .500 (unless the WFT and Eagles tie) and the other seven are below. I think six of the seven playoff teams are set. There could be some jockeying at the bottom, but the Saints looked strong on Sunday and they finish with three cupcakes.

If you’re talking foundation pieces, I would say the NY Giants have two. Andrew Thomas and Xavier McKinney. That’s feckin’ it. They do have the two first round picks. Go Vikings! They better find the right guy to make those picks.

Would you have a playoff team if you combined the Giants and Jets, and everyone was healthy? I say 7 wins.

The Packers and Chiefs are now the Super Bowl favorites, with Bucs’ skill players falling like missed Bears’ opportunities. I’m not sold on the Chiefs. The offense is not clicking like it used to.  The Chargers would have been them if they didn’t go for so many fourth downs. Chris Jones might be the Chief’s second most important player.

The Packers might be my SB pick. The defense isn’t perfect, but Rodgers is playing at another level.

I’ll bet Mark Andrews, the TE for the Ravens, kinda wishes he played with a QB who didn’t run so much. He looked like a beast on Sunday. I can’t blame them for going for two there, but I didn’t like the play call. With Andrews split out wide, everyone knew where that ball was going.

I would love to be able to run a simulated NFL season and do a little trading places with Trevor Lawrence and Mac Jones. Looking good Trevor. Feeling good, Macky-J. Could those two have landed in worse/better places, respectively? It’s hard to picture a more catastrophic season than the one Urban Meyer had in J-ville.

What’s happening with the Jon Gruden lawsuit? I was hoping for some serious dirty NFL laundry to come out. They NFL put the hit on Gruden, but you know there is a ton of other ugly stuff is those 650,000 emails. Let’s get dirty. We need this.

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