Kemba Walker Out, LeBron is Pissed and Defending Paul O’Neill

SPANISH HARLEM – I really have no introduction for the random subjects that I will touch so without wasting more of your time, lets jump right into: Kemba Walker Out, LeBron is Pissed and Defending Paul O’Neill

Kemba Walker Out

I saw the breaking news on my phone after getting off of work and while I wasn’t surprised by the it. I did feel disappointed, though. As fan, I wanted to root for him because he was a New Yorker, a Bronx Kid. He made it out of the hood and into the NBA. It’s truly a great story when you think about what he was able to achieve with a basketball in his hands. We (I) wanted that story-book ending, where everything goes right for him. It wasn’t meant to be, though, and we have probably seen his last days as a Knick.

LeBron James

Buddy Diaz

Tell me you haven’t heard this before.: “LeBron is mad that team did not trade for so and so…” I feel like I have heard this tons and tons of times throughout his career. While I understand being a competitor and wanting to trade for a particular player but he wanted Russell Westbrook there and now he wants him gone. The so-called upgrade was for John Wall, who hasn’t played basketball this season. You can’t be serious, LeBron.

Paul O’Neill

I can’t believe I have to defend the “The Warrior” on this site but the words used to describe Paul O’Neill yesterday in the comment section were blasphemous. This Yankee is beloved by the fan base and speaking ill of him will not go unpunished! I’m talking about the self-hating Met fans that looked from afar and called him crazy, stupid even. It must be hard watching someone you hate win championships and come up big in big games.

O’Neill’s at bats were must-see because you just never knew what he would do if he didn’t get a hit. It was polarizing and fun; if you hated his antics, then you never understood what that meant to the Yankees and their fans. He already has a plaque and now he deserves to get his number retired.

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