Don’t Call It A Comeback: Mets, Ohtani vs Ruth, Rangers Redemption

PHILADELPHIA, PA – It was a wild Thursday in the sports world. So wild, in fact, that Cam James forgot he was on the bump today. Maybe it was today’s lineup that scared him away. It is imposing, after all. Speaking of imposing, let’s have you review and comment on said lineup: Don’t Call It A Comeback: Mets, Ohtani vs Ruth, Rangers Redemption

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Mets Phlog Phils

Maybe it was just your typical 9th inning, 7-run, win-inducing explosion. Maybe it was just the Mets getting started late. Like this column. Hell, tardy is better than not at all. Maybe Edwin Diaz is for real. Maybe this is 1969 meets 1986. Maybe Mookie Wilson was in the League League home of  the Phillies last night. There are a lot of great “maybes” for this rendition of the New York Mets. Maybe it’s too early to tell. Maybe the Magic is indeed back. But…

Maybe you Don’t Call It A Comeback.

Ohtani vs Ruth

Sure, Shohei Ohtani had 11 Ks over 7 shutout innings, batted 3rd and went 2-4. This was something not done at Fenway Park since Sept. 20, 1919. Who did it then? Babe Ruth. Sure, it’s easy to compare Ohtani & The Babe… on the surface. But after digging a bit to see if these to giants of their respective times really are comparable, yours truly came up with proof that they are NOT worthy of comparison. What is this damning proof? Yesterday’s game had a brief delay after Shohei forget to remove the batting gloves from his back pocket. Batting gloves. Batting f*cking gloves. Ladies & Germs, George Herman Ruth wouldn’t be caught dead with batting gloves. Further, he’d have hit 1000 homers if he wore them. Stop. Comparing. Now.

Rangers Redemption

After the egregious [hockey stick] shafting the officials gave the New York Hockey Rangers the other night in that triple overtime debacle, the Blueshirts put relieved smiles on the handsome mugs of Different Matt and Ben Whitney. A Game 2 win over the Tittsburgh Pittsburgh Penguins will do that. Hopefully the bus ride to Pittsburgh will be a restful one for Igor Shesterkin, who has made 118 saves in two games. That’s a 59 saves-per-game average. Maybe the Broadway Blues can tighten up the defense a bit in the pivotal Game 3? Just a little. Gretzky’s Oilers and the Š?astný (plural) Nordiques are nodding knowingly.

That’s it for now. Drop your battling gloves, hockey gloves or LL Cool J’s boxing gloves and comment below if the urge bulges from your loins. [Ahem].

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