Complaining About The New York Yankees

SPANISH HARLEM – I try my best to never put out an article when I am mad at the New York Yankees. For one, Short Matt (Mets fan) will always comment about my complaining, making me feel like I should never say anything negative about the Yankees… that I am spoiled and should be happy because I grew up a Yankees fan. By all accounts he is right. BUT… sometimes I just have to complain. I promise, I won’t make this long. Let’s jump right into complaints.

Brian Cashman

He had the opportunity to get Luis Castillo in a trade, yet he decided against it because the Cincinnati Reds wanted Anthony Volpe in the package. I love top prospects like the rest of you but sometimes when the opportunity presents itself to add another ACE, you just do it. The Yanks are trying to win a championship and when there is piece that you can add to make those odds better, you get that guy that can put you over the top. It only makes matters worse that he has shown his value to the Yankees by pitching against them. Sorry Cashman, you deserve some blame.

Aaron Boone

Buddy Diaz

You need to hold your players accountable and how can Boone do that when he never says anything negative about a player or his team’s bad play? I know Boone tries to say the right thing at all times but sometimes saying the right thing is just being plain honest. Too often he will sit and answer questions searching for the positives, when all he has to say is: “I stink right now and we all stink right now. We need to find a way to get this stink off us and get back to winning ball games. Is that so hard? I would certainly respect him more if he did.

Aaron Judge

Judge is having a season for the ages and it’s hard to complain about anything he is doing but as the defacto Captain/Leader of this team, you have to do something. Call a players-only meeting and get the guys to rally around something. Make anything up… us against the worldeverybody hates us… let’s make them pay. Really, at this point I would take anything. Maybe Judge is not that type of guy but somebody has to do it and out of anybody, you would expect it to be Judge.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cam James.

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