Mets Fans: Let Them Know How You Really Feel!

WHITESTONE, NY – Last weeks home-stand between the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies had Shea Stadium (I will always call CitiField by that name) rocking. The buzz in that park, while Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom were mowing down the opposition, was so loud that a deaf person could hear it.

A thunderous standing ovation rained down on both pitchers when they completed their last inning before they were relieved. The crowd clapped and cheered as an acknowledgement from the pitchers showing their appreciation awaited. It never happened.

No tip of the cap, no hand wave, not even a peek into the crowd. The pitchers couldn’t be bothered. The sad part is these same fans will show up to the stadium again, get ripped off in parking fees, pay insane prices for tickets and then spend malicious money on food. Then they’ll get dissed again by the departing pitcher after cheering him.

A few years ago the Mets had a lefty pitcher who was a local product from Long Island. His rookie season turned him into a fan favorite. His quality innings and his clutch hitting, along with his grandfather cheering from the stands, easily won over the fan base.

Whenever Steven Matz would depart into the dugout after pitching a gem, he would react to the fans standing ovation with total ignorance. Being a homegrown product, Matz might as well have wiped his butt and tossed the baby wipe into the stands for his last pitch.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

It’s time for the loyal fan-base to unite and get back at these ungrateful, under appreciative great pitchers, who as human beings should be described as pieces of feces. The next time they don’t show back any love, after getting a hefty ovation, extend that middle finger and flip them the bird. Do to them what they do to you.

Let Them Know How You Really Feel!

That’s it for now. Feel free to chime in below and come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber, who waves his cap every time you leave a comment – good or bad.

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