Knicks Losing Donovan Mitchell and Thursday Night Football

SPANISH HARLEM – During my week off, I missed discussing the New York Knicks and their failed attempt to land Donovan Mitchell. As a fan that wanted to see that trade happen. I had a lot of different feelings but I’m glad that I had a whole week to really digest what happened. Along with that, we finally have the start of the NFL regular season, with the Buffalo Bills facing the defending champion, Los Angeles Rams. Let’s jump right into it.

The Donovan Mitchell Trade

Let’s start with my first reaction… I was pissed off. Not Stephen A. Smith pissed but you get the point. The Knicks were the favorite to land him and all signs pointed to that happening at some point. It made the most sense, the Utah Jazz wanted draft picks and we had the ability to do that. The Knickerbockers also had good players that could make this trade match, salary wise. So what happened? Danny Ainge is what happened (F!#K that guy!).

When the deal was first reported, it was easy to blame the Knicks front office but when rumors leaked that the Jazz never went back to Knicks to see if they would up their offer, you knew something didn’t seem right. I don’t think Ainge ever wanted to trade Mitchell to the Knicks. He was playing them, hoping to get a better offer from another team and when he saw something he liked, he pounced on it. Mitchell wanted to play in New York more than any other team and I’m sure Ainge still hates the Knicks from his days playing in Boston, so he screwed both of them.

Thursday Night Football

Now on Amazon, it will be exciting to see how everything gets presented. They spent a lot of money trying to make it look and feel like the football you watch on every other channel but on stream. We can sit here and complain that many people won’t be able to watch it but when you consider the amount of prime members in the United States and all over the world, it was bound to happen. If you aren’t a member, there are ways to counter that on the internet but please don’t anybody you heard that from me.

Anyhow, what a first game to watch. The Bills and Rams, possibly two teams that could face each other in this years Super Bowl. The last time we Josh Allen, you probably felt bad for the guy because all you wanted to do was  see him and Patrick MaHomes continue to score until everybody on the field fainted from exhaustion. For the Rams, they were the last team standing and because of that, they will always have their name in the history books. So get excited because this one could be doozy, Go BILLS!

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Short Matt.

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