Aaron Judge Chases History, What To Make of Jalen Hurts

SPANISH HARLEM – On Tuesday, the New York Yankees were looking dead to rights. The Pittsburgh Pirates put up a 4 spot in the 8th inning and all seemed lost in the world. We have seen this happen again and again of late but something crazy happened in the bottom of the 9th. First, Judge hits number 60 to tie Babe Ruth for second highest home runs ever hit in the American League. Stanton followed that with a grand slam later in the inning to win the game. It was a crazy night in the Bronx and something Yankees fans will remember. Judge didn’t win the game by himself but it definitely excited the crowd and got them back cheering the Yanks but enough about that, let’s discuss Aaron Judge some more… and sprinkle it with some Jalen Hurts.

Aaron Judge

A mentioned above, hitting 60 home runs is quite the milestone, but at the time the Yanks were still losing by 3 runs and you could tell Judge wanted nothing to do with a curtain call. Sure, he finally did it but you tell by his expression it wasn’t something he was happy about. All this guy cares about is winning and I’m sure if he knew that they would come back to win, he might have enjoyed it more. Look at the replays and how happy he is when Giancarlo Stanton hits the game winner – like a kid in a candy store. At this point, it’s inevitable that he breaks the record but how many he will end up with?

Jalen Hurts

Buddy Diaz

There are still doubters when it comes to his ability to become a franchise quarterback in the NFL (looking at you Angry Ward) and rightfully so. While he took his team to the playoffs last year, it wasn’t because he was the best quarterback in the league, he wasn’t even the best quarterback in his division. That might be changing, its only one game but he sure looked like the young quarterback that the Philadelphia Eagles can grow with. We all know about his ability to run with the ball and how special he can be with that but everybody wanted to know if he could become the type of player that can stay in the pocket and consistently make throws under pressure.

He did that on Monday and the sky is limit if Hurts continues to get better. One of the reasons I root so much for this kid, is because he works his tail off. He knows he has faults but is always finding ways to improve his game. He loves to win and his teams loves him back. I didn’t have that feeling with Carson Wentz and its refreshing to know that every member of this team has his back. The one thing about him, if he fails it won’t be because he didn’t try hard enough and as a fan, that’s all you can ask for.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Short Matt, who is still cursing Drew Smith throwing an 0-2 slider to a pinch-hitter that missed his fastball by an hour.

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