Leave Aaron Boone Alone

Yankees winning despite Space Alien Aaron Boone. Courtesy of Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

WHITESTONE, NY –  Once adversity hit the South Bronx the chants began. “Fire Boone! Fire Boone!” echoed throughout The House that Steinbrenner Built. All it took was a speed bump in the latter part of the Yankees dominant season for the fans to put the blame on someone. The culprit was manager Aaron Boone, and in today’s version of Major League Baseball that title carries no weight.

Boone’s roots as a baseball lifer go deep into his family tree. His grandfather, Ray, was a steady infielder who played thirteen seasons. Aaron’s father, Bob, was a catcher for nineteen seasons, and later managed for six years. Brother Bret played fourteen seasons, and every one of the Boone’s had productive years. They each left an impact on all the teams they played for.

With roots that go that deep it is hard to believe the lineups that Boone hands to the umpires before each game came from his own mindset. Would the old-school-within Boone really allow him to start the first inning with two power hitters in the lineup? Or is he actually looking for two solo homers from his run producers? To have Aaron Judge bat second in the lineup every game, while at the same time giving you close to two hundred strikeouts is not something Boone would approve of. 

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

These fans and critics who are screaming for Boone’s pink slip need to wake up in their woke world. Blame the real culprits here, the ANALytics department. The ones who create this mess and position the third baseman to shortstop and the second baseman to short right field.

Boone’s job, as is every other manager’s job, is to deliver the ANALytic created lineup to the umpire. He then waits for instructions from some moron to tell him when to pull the pitcher, and then deals with the media after the game, as they poke things up his rectum.

So the next time you fans get the urge to shout for change, scream out, “Abolish ANALytics!” That’s the kindest way I could write this.

Oh, and the Mets took two of three from the Dodgers.

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