Big Ben Tuesday: Mets Meltdown in Atlanta, Giants Winning Ugly, Kyler Murray Loves “Call of Duty”

QUEENS, NY – It was a Meltdown in Atlanta for the Mets, and I’m here to pile on, Charlie Brown. Don’t think, though, that I’m not going to talk about my three and one New York Giants. I am. And obviously, I won’t wrap it up without covering Kyler Murray’s Call of Duty obsession. Let’s get after it.


It was a Charlie Brown weekend for the Melancholy Mets. They had a one-game lead in the division and were set up with Jake and Mad Max lined up for the first two games of a three game set in Atlanta.

The Mission: win two of three and take the division.
Plan B: win one of three and take it to the last series of the season (against the lowly Nats).
Above All: Just Don’t Get Swept.

#Mets rolling into Atlanta be like…

Well, Lucy pulled the ball out and the Mets went flying into an unnecessary series against the Padres (probably). But they should be able to take two of three from that disappointing bunch with Jake and Max, right? Snoopy? Linus?

To make matters worse, the chief culprit in the Mets’ destruction was a guy named Dansby.

Giants Winning Ugly

I can’t get over what a refreshing change it is to watch the Giants not play all that great and walk away with wins. Watching this team win feels like eating frozen pizza, washing it down with a warm Schaefer, and then getting it on with a gal who might be a three. Hey, pizza, beer, and sex is still pizza, beer, and sex. And an ugly win counts the same as a pretty one.

In our latest unimpressive win, the G-Men unleashed the wildcat wishbone and ran it for 262 yards, mostly by Saquon and Danny Dimes Dash. Jones passed for a measly 71 yards in this one. Toney, Shepard, and Robinson are all out with injuries and Kenny Golladay has still barely been targeted. That hurts. He’s gotta be up there with the worst free agent signings in New York football history, right above Le’Veon Bell.

The Wrong Kind of “Gamer”

From the “I hope this is true” file, some internet dork put forth an interesting theory about Kyler Murray. The man’s love for video games and Call of Duty is well known. Generally, the new version of the game comes out in late October or early November. Internet Nerd calculated that Murray scores an average of 22.5 fantasy points before the new version is released and 17.4 points per game after.

Now, I know this could have something to do with him (or his teammates) getting banged-up later in the season, poor play by the rest of his team and/or poor Kingbury coaching, etc., down the stretch. And fantasy points don’t necessarily correlate with strong QB play in the real world. But still, maybe there’s some truth to it.

Video games are allegedly the reason the film study clause was originally put into Murray’s contract extension. Imagine having a $230 million contract to play football and not being able to pull yourself away from a video game to watch some damn game film. Maybe he’s going full Albert Haynesworth – get the big contract and then just shut it down.

BIG BEN SAYS: Kids, never go Full Haynesworth.

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