Whack Fan in the Citi… Mets Fans Fail Test?

FLUSHING, NY – For the first time since 2016 the New York Mets hosted a playoff game. Shea Stadium (that’s what I call it) was rocking with their so-called faithful. Fans were sporting their team’s jersey with names inscribed on the back like Alonso, Scherzer, deGrom, along with Mazzilli, Kingman, Seaver, Hundley, and Piazza among the many.

Even Mr. Met got into the act with his “Black Friday” jersey. He took it one step further with his eyeballs. One was blue and the other was brown as he emulated the nights starting pitcher, Max Scherzer.

The noise level was unbearable when Scherzer appeared out of the dugout. He robotically made his way into the outfield where he performed his pre-game ritual. Starling Marte was welcomed back from the disabled list (Yes, I called it that!) to deafening cheers. They got even louder when he continuously waved to the crowd. Marte even hugged a little fan in the stands when she waved a “We Miss You Marte” sign.

When the players lined up to be introduced the boos rained on the San Diego Padres. The boos turned into thunderstorms when right fielder Juan Soto was introduced. The fans went ballistic when it was the Mets turn. They reacted to every player including catcher James McCann, pitcher Michael Givens and outfielder Terrance Gore as though they were Elvis Presley. Then all of a sudden, the game started.

Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis & Ardolis

As soon as DH Josh Bell hit a 2 run homer the air was taken out of the ballpark. These same fans starting grumbling. Before you know it 2-0 turned into 7-0 and the Mets faithful showed their true colors. Scherzer, who got the loudest ovation before the game, was removed during the 5th inning. The unforgiving fans let him have it. Boos, F-Bombs, “Your Mother Sucks,” were all thrown towards poor Max.

Not even DJ J Star could offer support. When he played Queen’s, “We are the Champions,” the fans turned on him, as they looked to pull the plug. He continued with his idiotic music list playing DJ Khaled’s “All I do is Win,” all this while the Padres were spanking the Mets.

It took two more innings before fans headed to the exits, leaving the complimentary orange “These Mets” towels on the ground. The hopefuls were fuming. In their minds it was all over. The season ends in the first round.

For me, the most disappointing part of the night were these morons who portrayed themselves as faithful Mets fans. Once the umpire shouted, “Play Ball,” their cell phones took over. Text’s, Tik-Tok, and selfies ruled their mindsets. This was definitely not the Mets fanbase that I would come across during regular season games. This was more of a ritzy crowd, who shot their loads during the pre-game, and then went into their look at me world.

That’s it for me, leave a drop below and come back tomorrow for something different – but good.

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