Black Friday Fallout: Oakland A’s, Aaron Judge & Jacob deGrom Discount Discounts!

NEW YORK, NYIs the day after Black Friday known as White Saturday? And that, Ladies & Germs is our Controversial Click-bait Query of the Day! Speaking of controversy, check out today’s topics: Black Friday Fallout: Judge and deGrom Take Discount Discounts

If only this weren’t true.

But really, if Jacob deGrom hadn’t opted out of the 2 years at over $30,000,000.00 per season, following two half seasons of fan frustration, how in tarnation would that be a discount?! That ain’t now discount, dagnabit! Oh, and Aaron Judge left $213,000,000.00 on the Stanks’ table. Heck, that wouldn’t be a Black Friday deal – it would be a Black Friday heist! By the way, $213,000,000.00 would be enough to fund JG Clancy’s Oakland Athletics for TWO SEASONS. How great would it be if Judge and the A’s stunned the world and he signed with them for that amount? He’s from the area, after all! That would be the greatest F U to the SF Giants, one of two teams that tore the heart out of NYC in the late 1950s… and no, I won’t let it go.

I. Will. Never. Let. It. Go.

I will, however let you go, as I’m so upset about the discounting discounts that I’m trying not to go Yosemite Sam batty over these greedy bastards!

Oh, and Michael Conforto may end up on Angry Ward’s Seattle Mariners, as Jarred Kelenic is looking to be a bust. That should make Mets fans smile a little bit.

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