Grinding Ax: Final Countdown to NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs: Bill Belichick vs MTM Management, aka the Marx Brothers?!

FREEHOLD, NJ –  It’s the Final Countdown for the NFL playoffs shuffle and while some teams will save their stars for the big show, others will be vying for that last spot and higher seed. MTM Management looked at their bench, and with all the injuries (Mental and Physical) they had no choice than to put yours truly in for todays feature. Hold your applause please!

Meaningful Matchup?

Who would have thunk that Danny Dimes and Big Blow would be in the position to play spoiler, by knocking the Philadelphia Eagles from the perch they have sat on  the entire season?! Do they lay down and rest Danny Dimes and Saquon or does Coach Daboll channel his mentor Dr. Evil, aka Bill Belichick, by keeping his starters engaged to prepare for the playoffs?

Obviously, the Dallas Cowboys are routing for the latter.  Cowboy fans are hoping that the Washington Commanders roll out Carson Wentz when they hit the field to attempt a takeover of the NFC East top spot.  I’m betting on Jerry Jones to again watch his team blow it .

One More Run?

Eccentric QB Aaron Rodgers has the opportunity to lead his Packers into the playoffs by defeating the pesky Detroit Lions. The Lions must win and hope for a Seahawks’ loss to complete an amazing comeback from their abysmal start. Seattle must beat the very beatable Rams and hope for a Lions win over the Packers.  Got it?

The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans do not need any help. Just win and they are in.  Trevor Lawrence looks like a number one pick and the Titans have no answer behind center.

The New England Patriots must travel to Buffalo and defeat an emotional Bills team, who received great news regarding the progress of Damar Hamlin. If the Bills take care of business, the Miami Dolphins can grab the last spot by beating a disappointing New York Jets team, who may be looking for yet another starting QB for next season.

Road to Recovery

Regarding Damar Hamlin, his doctors spoke to the press today and reported cautious optimism that he will recover without any neurological or physical issues.  The entire country has rallied behind this young man to get better. Over Seven Million donated to his charity.
That is enough for me. It’s back to the bench . Come back tomorrow for more gibberish.

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