Out of Control in Da Bronx! Marly Rivera and the C-Bomb.

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BRONX, NY – It was on March 3, 1991 when LAPD officers were seen on video giving Rodney King, who led police on an eight mile pursuit through the streets of Los Angeles, the beating of his life. The court verdict came back not guilty in favor of the officers.

Recently on April 25, 2023, ESPN reporter Marly Rivera was shown on video calling a fellow reporter a “f*cking c*nt.ESPN fired Rivera for the outburst. I’m not about to write a storyline about a tale of two tapes, but I will note Rivera’s choice of words.

There’s a phrase that goes, “C*nt is good ’til you let it control you.” Calling someone a f*cking c*nt can go two ways:

1) It can be taken as a compliment or criticism. For many, a c*nt is a thing of passion. One gets turned on at the thought it.

2) The way Rivera used the c-bomb was derogatory. That’s how it appeared on the tape. But what is seen by some, may be viewed differently by others, like those in Rodney King’s 1991.

Some of these reporters at these sporting events can be cutthroats. It’s all about getting the exclusive and they will go about it by any means necessary. In this case there were two cutthroats, and the one who lost control lost the battle.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Rivera should have put her hands between her legs and took a timeout before she uttered those words heard ‘round the nation. To make matters worse they were screamed out at The Cathedral also known as Yankee Stadium. They were also spoken in front of children and technically, a Judge as in Aaron.

There were other words Rivera could have uttered that would have gotten a PG rating. Unfortunately she showed her bad-ass Bronx side, like another Puerto Rican in Bobby Bonilla had in mind back in the days. Marly showed another reporter Da Bronx, and sadly it was in Da Bronx that the incident took place. To make matters worse, the Yankees lost 6-2 to the Twins in the main event.

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