The Reggie Bar Bites Back!

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BRONX, NY – It is a chocolate covered caramel and peanuts and it’s back. In a nation that is trying its hardest to cancel culture, the Reggie Bar has made a comeback.

It was on April 15, 1976 while playing for the Oakland A’s when Reginald Martinez Jackson uttered the words, “If I played in New York, they’d name a candy bar after me.” Two years later a bar was born. At a press conference at the Plaza Hotel in N.Y.C the Reggie Bar was introduced. But nothing could top the real introduction that took place on April 13, 1978.

In Jackson’s first at bat in Yankee Stadium since he hit 3 homers in that infamous Game Six (1977 World Series), Mr. October homered on his first swing off of Chicago White Sox Ace Wilbur Wood. As Jackson rounded the bases it rained Reggie Bars. The bars were given out to each fan who entered the season’s opener.

As one of the attendees, I witnessed thousands of orange wrapped chocolate bars being tossed onto the green grass, as a Reggie chant serenaded the ballpark. The Yankees won the game 4-2 for Ron Guidry’s first win of his historic 25-3 season. Reggie’s 3-run homer proved the difference.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

After the game the haters spoke. White Sox Manager Bob Lemon, who would later in the season become the Yankees skipper, said, “Let them throw them when he’s in right field, see how he feels.” Lemon also chimed in, “People are starving all over the world and thirty billion calories are laying on the field.” Jackson’s teammate Lou Piniella added, “It was a thrilling moment… for Reggie.”

For Reggie Jackson it was the Magnitude of Reggie. It still shines till this day. Now an employee of the Houston Astros, Mr. Jackson still has the swag to make it happen. A documentary of his life titled, Reggie made its debut in 2023, and now the Reggie Bar makes its comeback.

Who knows what else the The Man Who Is A Brand, has in store. Maybe Puma will come out with a Reggie sneaker, or maybe today’s players will hire him to show them how swagger equals bucks.

In the meantime, let the Yankees and the A’s enjoy their bite of the Reggie Bar.

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