Yankees Out of Order: Who’s Up 1st? What’s Batting 2nd? I Don’t Know is Up 3rd?

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Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone and ANALytics Czar Mike Fishman, who is running/ruining the team.

NEW YORK, NY – Back in the day, the NY Yankees table-setters were center fielder Mickey Rivers and left fielder Roy White. They batted one and two in the lineup most games, with second baseman Willie Randolph also finding a place there. Catcher Thurman Munson and right fielder Reggie Jackson would usually drive them home. The formula would result in back-to-back championships.

Today’s table-setters atop the Yankees lineup have been a merry-go-round group. The latest lead-off hitter has been left fielder Jake Bauers. Other days it’s first baseman Anthony Rizzo or second baseman Gleyber Torres. Shortstop Anthony Volpe is another one who has to check the lineup daily to see if he’s up on top. As a matter of fact every player huddles around the lineup card to see where they place in the order.

Over the last four seasons the Yankees lineup has never been the same. The brain trusts in the ANALytics Department create the stupid order for the scapegoat of a manager, Aaron Boone. These are the same morons who batted slugger Aaron Judge either one or two in the lineup in 2022. This moronic move led to 62 homers last year, with 41 of them being solo bombs. The morons failed to realize there were no table-setters on base for Judge, which led to his one-run batted in blasts. Currently the team’s offense is ranked 12th as their payroll is number two.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

With all that money being spent on salaries, the owner, whoever he is, needs to find two nails to place on top for his hammers to drive in.

If that’s so hard then all he has to do is look on top of the standings and see how steady the Tampa Bay Rays lineup has been. Maybe he’ll steal what works for them the way he stole their ANALytic theory.

Hey Yankee’s owner: It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. All it takes is personnel on your payroll who played the game back in the day.

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