A Bambino Sighting in Connecticut?!

STANFORD, CT – Royalty made it’s way through the Connecticut Sports Complex yesterday. Linda Ruth Tosetti, escorted by her husband Andy Tosetti, graced the baseball fields of North Stanford to root for the NYC Rising Stars.

The team of 14 to 15-year-olds not only got to meet the grand-daughter of the legendary Babe Ruth but also got a lesson on why her grandfather was the greatest player ever.

Players like Christian Miller were asked who the best player ever was and his answer brought frowns from Linda when he chose Shohei Ohtani. She pointed out that the Sultan of Swat’s rings totaled 7 to Ohtani’s zero… Charlie Rattenbury was put on the spot when he answered Ken Griffey, Jr – without knowing that the Babe’s granddaughter was in his presence. When he found out who she was the embarrassing look on his face was priceless. The same went for Jagger Berg, whose response for Barry Bonds, almost made Linda vomit.

Linda lectured the city boys on her granddaddy playing in the Dead Ball Era and not having the luxury of using Maple and ash bats to clout his Ruthian home runs. Her husband Andy also reminded the youngsters that the one but the home run king played right field when he wasn’t on the mound while #Ohtani serves as the team’s designated hitter

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Linda provided postcards from her grandfather with her signature as she continues to keep his legacy alive

The Ruthian royalty couple also had heads turned because of their jersey choices which were half Yankees and half red socks. Linda Ruth blessed the rising stars as they ended the day winning both of their games… the youth of the future are now much better informed  about the legend of Babe Ruth, thanks to Linda and Andy.

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