Sports Rain Man: Colorado Football, Fantasy Football, NFL Recap, Mets Update and Rugby World Cup

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NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! I know the headline is a bit busy but it is cause I have a few rants. The MLB season is almost over for me but I don’t want to stop reviewing the MetsCoach Prime and his Buffaloes still have my attention… I want to rant about my Fantasy Football team… I have to cover the first weekend of the NFL, and I am still a rugby guy  – so I gotta say something about the Rugby World Cup. That is why today’s topics are:  Weekly Mets Update, Colorado Football, Fantasy Football, NFL Recap and Rugby World Cup.

Weekly Mets Update

The New York Mets will not finish at .500. They went 2-3 this week and they must, must, must fix the bullpen. In all 3 losses, the bullpen either blew a lead or failed to keep one. You can’t win like that. It puts too much pressure on the rest of the team. I don’t care what players come up from the farm system and what players they sign to be aces. For what it’s worth, Tylor Megill, Jose Quintana and Kodai Senga have done a great job of auditioning to be 2-4 in the rotation. They can find an ace in the market and have a battle for 5th in spring training. I feel like Megill will move up to third and Quintana should slot in well in a healthy walk-year. We will see how it goes.

Junior Blaber

Coach Prime’s Buffaloes

They started roughly but they managed to dominate and win their home opener. They doubled their win total from last season. As Deion “Prime Time” Sanders did at Jackson State – he had all eyes on the team. Had the Wu-Tang Clan in attendance among other celebrities. Beyond that, I heard something that has stuck with me; the Colorado Defensive Coordinator used to be at Alabama but The Tide had a bad season by ‘Bama standards, and he was recruited by Prime. He said “Deion Sanders and Nick Saban are 98% alike. The standards they demand out of the staff, players and even trainers are insanely high. The 2% is what you see on TV and stuff.” Keep this in mind next time you sigh at his “antics.” I texted former Rugby Wrap Up correspondent, Mike Holzman, a Colorado alum, about coach Prime and he reminded me he was behind the move from the start because of his work at Jackson State and how bad Colorado was. Prime was the one who agreed with the move to the Big 12 and that Colorado agreeing to give him full freedom and control was the difference. So far it looks like he was right.

Fantasy Football

I just want to talk about that rage you feel in Fantasy Football when you sit a guy and he has a monster game. It is the most frustrating part of FF. That and losing by a point or less. I sat Brandon Aiyuk and he went for 34 points. My other 3 receivers combined went for 30. I sat Samaje Perine for Houston RB Pierce and Perine got 11 to his 5. I benched Miles Sanders in favor of Jaxon Smith-Njigba and that went 11 to 7… So I am down by 22 and have to hope my Jets D plays super well vs Josh Allen and A-Aron Rodgers has a monster game.

NFL Round-up
New and improved Lions edged out a Travis Kelce-less Chiefs… Young new-look Falcons take down young Panthers… Ravens dominate still bad Texans… Browns shock Bengals with a complete performance… Jaguars fight of feisty Colts… Angry Ward’s Vikings were edged out by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.. Saints won ugly against the Titans… the 49ers crushed the Steelers… Eric Bienemy coached offense won their first game as the Commanders beat the Cardinals… Packers owned the Bears while Raiders scraped by Broncos… Dolphins beat the Chargers in a shootout… Eagles had to hold off the Patriots… Rams cruised past the Seahawks… Hide all the sharp objects in the Big Ben Whitney house, as the Giants where shut out by the Cowboys, who dropped a 40 burger on.

Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup kicked off on Friday. It has been great action but something worries me. Maybe its because I don’t have cable so I don’t watch Sports Center a lot but I am not hearing much talk about it. I know the USA is not in it so what would encourage US sports people to talk about it. Somehow against better sense, World Rugby awarded the USA the World Cup in 2031. That is 8 years away so plenty of time but still I would have hoped to see the scores in a round up of global action.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below.

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