Sports Rain Man: Round-Up, NY State Football Update, Aaron Rodgers

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Indigenous Peoples’ Day! Because I know you’re dying to know about my Fantasy Football exploits, I was up against a guy who paid even less attention to his team than me. He started one guy on a bye and one injured. I still beat him by more points than his subs would have contributed, plus I still have one player left to play on Monday. There. You’re welcome… Anyway, here are the topics for this week: NFL Round-Up, NY State Football Update, Aaron Rodgers.

NFL Round-up

The Bears much-maligned offense came awake against the Washington Commanders and as they scored a season high in points and notched their first victory…. The Falcons did just enough to beat the Texans,while the Lions really couldn’t be stopped by the Panthers… The Colts lost their starting QB, but held on to beat the Titans while the Patriots got embarrassed for a second straight week… The Steelers showed some resolve after a tough week to defeat the Ravens, while the Bengals saved their season with a solid game against the Cardinals… The Eagles pulled away from the Rams to stay undefeated, while the Chiefs edged out Angry Ward’s Vikings… The 49ers stomped out them Cowboys in what was supposed to be a big-time match-up.

Junior Blaber

NYS Football Update

The BillsĀ  defense needs to reflect on their dreadful performance in London. Don’t tell me it was jet-lag or whatever, these aren’t the first NFL games in London. So many 3rd down conversions, missed tackles and dumb penalties. I feel sorry for Bills fans. They must have been pulling their hair out…

The Giants defense did their best to give them a chance against a high-octane Miami attack, but that offensive line is not good enough. It’s why Dan Jones hurt his neck and left in the 4th quarter. The season may be over, as they have only one win and they don’t look like getting better anytime soon.

The Jets are the only NY team that won. Thanks to the defense – who got three turnovers and scored 8 points (a touchdown and a safety). The offense kept getting close to the end zone but also settling for the field goals. However, Gang Green is 2-3 and have the Eagles coming up. Even if they lose they are still through the Murderer’s Row of their schedule and have reason to have hope.

Aaron Rodgers

I have reached the stage that I have realized… he is my jerk. I am reminded of the time an ex asked me if one of my friend and teammates would be a good boyfriend for her friend Jane. I say, “Sure, he is an awesome guy.” Months later I am getting yelled at cause he dogged Jane out. My epiphany at that time – and going forward – is to always responded “I know him as my friend and teammate not how he is a boyfriend so I can’t vouch for him.” You watch Rodgers call Travis Kelce “Mr. Pfizer,” anti-vax stance and his darkness retreat and you think this guy is a jerk. Then I watch Marshawn Lynch talk about how Rodgers covered for him in college with the coach, how Alan Lazard, Randall Colb, and Davonte Adams talk about playing with him. You watch Hard Knocks and the 1 Jets Drive shows and see how much he is about the team and doing what it takes to win, not to mention mentoring Zach Wilson. So he is clearly a jerk – but he is my jerk as a Jets fan.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney – who will be lamenting another disappointing Giants loss.


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