Sports Rain Man: NFL Eye-Catchers, Giants v Commanders, Bills v Jets

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! You can exhale: I am finally going to get a Fantasy Football win as I am not sure if my opponent was even active in the league. Since I am riding a 4-game losing streak, I will take the win. As for today’s topics, they are: NFL Eye-Catchers, Giants v Commanders, Bills v Jets.
NFL Eye-Catchers (QBs)
1) The Cleveland Browns are in first place this late in the season for the first time since the 80s, if I had to guess. The loss of DeShaun Watson has not been that big of a deal. He missed 4 games to start the season, played 4 and now is gone. The combination of PJ Walker and now Dorian Thompson-Robinson have guided them to wins. The Browns even lost stud RB Nick Chubb and replaced him with Kareem Hunt. I hope the Jets are listening. It seems running the ball and keeping the 3rd downs easily achievable makes all the difference.
2) It has become clear that only a few teams last the season with one QB. At this point, the NFL is not just a two RB league, you need two QBs. And you second one has to be solid. He doesn’t have to be all- worldly but definitely good enough to give your team a fighting chance. Some teams are now onto their third QB, so the depth required is more important than ever. What this means to the salary in other positions, we wont know until this off-season.
3) Danger-Russ(ell) Wilson is back and so are the Broncos. They keep their win streak (4) going by snapping Angry Ward’s Vikings‘ win streak (5). He is not lighting up the stat sheet but he is making good throws and keeping his team in the game. Sean Payton may need an apology because he has his team winning and Nathaniel Hackett is looking like a bad coach over in NY.
Giants vs Commanders
The defenses on both sides need to be commended. The Commanders defense got 9 sacks but lost because the Giants got 6 turnovers including a pick six when it looked like the Commanders QB was trying for the sideline but under threw it, leading to the interception. I will say, despite running for his life, Tommy DeVito looked much more liked he belonged than Zach Wilson did in the Jets game. And Saquon Barkley is looking less likely to be a Giant next year because he was a force and scored with a big run and a great catch too. The Giants defense is not known for takeaways but they picked the right game to show up because the offense totally needed their help with great field position. Where they go from here? Let’s see.
Jets vs Raiders
Junior Blaber

The Jets offense finally scored a touchdown. Unfortunately, the Jets were already down 16 when that happened. They had the inevitable task of facing the Bills after they fired their offensive coordinator so they were due the new coach/coordinator bump. The Jets offense was so bad that with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, they pulled Zach Wilson and put in Tim Boyle, who no one planned to see play this season. I am done with Nathaniel Hackett as OC. I am done because I don’t understand why with an offensive line that is constantly being chopped and changed due to injury and a not ready for prime time QB, why they are not going 2 tight ends or the classic TE and FB and running the ball. I don’t care if teams know its coming, just run the ball and wear them down and give your RB touches. It is easier to run block than pass block. If done half right, it will give the defense more of a break. The whole team played poorly today as the defense had an off game and as the Jets go, if the defense isn’t perfect, it all falls apart. I don’t know where they go from here, I literally don’t

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney, who will talk about the great upset win by the Montreal Alouettes against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Grey Cup Final.
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