Madonna: The Ex of The Worm and A-Rod in a League of Her Own

WHITESTONE, NYMadonna left her mark in Brooklyn last week. The bad-ass material girl displayed her inner diva self as she took the stage three hours later than the scheduled time. The paid customers, who decided to bolt before she appeared just before midnight, vilified her on the internet. What they missed was one hell of a show.

The supposedly ex-girlfriend of another bad-ass named Dennis Rodman and a snitch ass called A-Rod justifies this story as a sports article. She turned the Barclays Center into a time capsule that turned time back to the 1980s. With forty years worth of hits Madonna couldn’t perform them all in her two and half hour set, but what she gave reminded everyone of the time when all was fine.

With her dancers by her side performing poetry in motion, she belted out her songbook of Causing a Commotion, Like a Virgin, Vogue amongst the many chart toppers to her credit. Her ode to Prince and Michael Jackson was a highlight among many.

The 65-year-old Michigan native put it all out there except for her age. Today’s performers need to take notes on the clinic Madge displayed, which showed why she still does what she does. It was a time capsule of her career, and she shared her political views by breaking out into the classic Gloria Gaynor hit, I will Survive.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

As for Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone, known as the “Queen of Pop,” she stated, “The most controversial thing I did was stick around.”

While the crowd gave her a loud ovation I was thinking about her two supposed exes, Rodman and Rodriguez. They’re still sticking around, while she remains active in her craft.

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