Same Old Cowboys, Eagles Got Lucky, The Bowl Season

HOLBROOK,NY – I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. No that we’ve gotten the pleasantries aside, let’s get into the important stuff: Same Old Cowboys, Eagles Got Lucky, The Bowl Season.

Same Old Cowboys

The Cowboys had a golden [Richards] chance to make a statement this past weekend by beating a first-place team on the road, in prime-time. But as has been the case for however long I’ve been around to watch football, they came up short. With a 20-19 lead, the ‘Boys from Dallas lived  up to every stereotype Pundits have given them for their shortcomings. The great Cowboys’ defense we’ve heard so much about did not do a thing. Micah Parsons isn’t the same player when he’s not going up against Evan Neal. The same can be said for the other Dallas pass rushers. 

Eagles Got Lucky

As a Giants fan, there has been very little to get excited about this season. Sure, the whole Tommy DeVito thing was fun while it lasted, but the real fun in a season is winning! Speaking of which, the Jints haven’t won a game in Philly since 2013, I am not exaggerating. So ,when the opportunity arose  to stun a division rival on Christmas, in prime time, I was locked in. Having said that, What an absolute S*** Show by the officials! There were about five calls that altered the outcome of the game, The most blatant and abhorrent being three missed penalties on the last drive alone. The last play of the game was clearly PI, The delay of game penalty called on the Giants right before the half was disgusting, AND a key third down “false start” ruined any momentum Big Blue had. Even with all of that the Giants had a chance to tie the game, The Eagles are clearly not the team they were last year. Jalen Hurts looks hurt, and the defense looks like a shell of themselves. 

The Bowl Season

Jackson Sternberg

For the first time in a long time, I find myself more intrigued by the bowl games. USC vs  Louisville was a treat last night, and the big games are right around the corner… I’ve got Washington over Texas, and give me Saban one more time in a nail-biter over Michigan. That leaves us with a Washington vs Alabama National Championship. If this game were to be played, it would cap a dream season for the Huskies. But how many times have we seen teams like Washington get absolutely crushed by Alabama? If it were to be the case, I bet the Huskies can keep it close. Ultimately, though, in a wIld college football season, the Alabama Crimson Tide will once again come out on top. 

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