End Of A Big Blue, NFL Officiating Circus, National Championship Preview

HOLBROOK, NY -It’s always a pleasure to talk some sports, whatever f***ing year it is! And you’re likely sick of hearing “Happy New Year” at this point, so on to today’s slate: End Of A Big Blue, NFL Officiating Circus, National Championship Preview

NFL Officiating Circus
It has been quite the week for the officials in the NFL, which is never a good thing. The latest botched call was on Saturday, when the Lions went to Dallas to take on the Cowboys, I’m not sure everyone on the planet has given their opinions on the matter yet, so I’ll give my two cents.The official did not see Taylor Decker report as an eligible receiver. It almost looked as if the ref was walking away from Decker while he was trying to get his attention. The Cowboys caught a massive break, and the result now leaves a path for the Boyz to win the NFC East on Sunday.

End Of A Big Blue
Superstar running back Saquon Barkley is well aware that Sunday could be his last in a Giants uniform. Saquon was the second pick in the 2018 Draft, and aside from some nagging injuries, lived up to almost all the hype surrounding him as the new engine of a once great franchise. Along with Barkley, some other notable Giants who may play or have played their last snaps in blue. That includes Daniel Jones and Sterling Shepard. Shepard in particular has been bitten by the injury bug as much as any player in any sport the past few seasons. As fans, we grow attached to certain players, despite their obvious dwindling performances. Shepard was a 2nd round pick in 2016 and has been a great leader on and off the field for Big Blue. He will be greatly missed in the locker room and on the sidelines.

National Championship Preview

Jackson Sternberg

Before we get into this match up, I have to say we were treated to two incredible games on Monday. Michigan vs Alabama was an instant classic, with the game going to overtime, and coming down to the very last play. Michigan was able to make a goal line stand to turn the Tide back, sending the Wolverines to the National Championship… Washington vs Texas was equally as thrilling and exciting. The Huskies, (who I predicted to win this game) almost blew it in the final seconds with some bonehead decision-making. They survived, though, and we now have a Michigan vs Washington National Championship.

My two cents: I have Michigan winning by one score in another thriller.

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