MLB’s Prime 9 Debacle: Where’s Roberto Alomar and Rogers Hornsby?

WHITESTONE, NY – The MLB Network recently had their Prime 9 of All-Time of each position. The second basemen segment was totally brutal. Only four Hall of Famers made the cut. Number 9 was Jeff Kent, but the one that really blew my mind was #6, Bobby Grich. Grich was a good player but #6 on the list of all-time is ridiculous.

What’s even more insane is Roberto Alomar, the Hall of Famer with 10 Gold Gloves, a .300 lifetime batting average, not being on the list. Neither was Rogers Hornsby, who batted over .400 three times in his career that ended with a .358 batting average.

The Number 1 pick was Jackie Robinson, who played only 748 games at second base. He could be found at first base, third base, and the outfield during his 11-season career. Joe Morgan was at Number 2 and Number 8 went to Robinson Cano. Hall of Famer Tony Lazzeri or even Dustin Pedroia weren’t worthy of a Prime 9.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

The main question here is, who are the voters that put this list together? The MLB Network fancies itself into having the best baseball experts in the nation. The only explanation for them omitting Alomar and Hornsby from the list was that they were high on something.

My only message to these so-called geniuses of the game is, lay off the dope! The viewers trust your opinion, only because you’re an employee of the station. To shove this Prime 9 list down their throats is an insult to human intelligence.

After viewing just the Prime 9 second basemen, I fear checking out the other eight positions. The MLB network needs to come out with the Prime 9 voters. Identify these culprits if you have the balls, and I don’t mean the balls with Robert Manfred’s signature.

Drop your thoughts below and come back tomorrow for Jacob Sternberg, who collects Hall of Famers’ toenails.

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