Snell’s Pace for Yankees. Injury Toll for Knicks

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Yankees have not signed Blake Snell but are reported to have continuing talks. The New York Knicks have injuries issues that have not gone the way they have liked. Let’s get more in-depth with topics for fans of both teams.

A Snell’s Pace

The Blake Snell Story (coming to the WB this spring) will continue throughout Spring Training until he puts pen to paper, and the #Yankees will be in the mix until he chooses what team he wants to play for. The luxury tax issue will remain a big issue for New York, whether they admit to it or not. If not for the tax issue, I would think that Snell would be in uniform by now but maybe they can do a deferred deal on the first year to minimize the penalty given and reverting to a normal contract the following year with a ton of players coming off books.

I honestly prefer Jordan Montgomery, as he doesn’t have any draft picks tied to him, but he must really hate Brian Cashman that no possible deal has even been mentioned from either side.

Injuries Take a Toll on Knicks

Buddy Diaz

It seems that before every game now, you must look to see which players are Not Injured.  Definitely not fun times for fans 0f the Knicks because they are short-handed to begin. When guys like Jalen Brunson and Isaiah Hartenstein can’t play, the Knicks almost expect to lose. The line-up is short as it is with Tom Thibodeau, as he tends to play his best players more minutes. That can cause the remaining good players to be worn out. Thibbs is doing the best he can with what he has but the Knicks definitely need OG Anunoby back as soon as possible. Hopefully, Julius Randle is not that far behind.

That’s it for now and come back tomorrow for Action Jackson Sternberg.

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