OG Returns for The Knicks and Yankees’ Cole has More Questions

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Gerrit Cole has had his road-bumps on this Yankees journey...

SPANISH HARLEM – Some good news was received by fans of the New York Knicks: OG (do you know his name?) returned to the starting lineup. There was news of the “bad” kind for New York Yankees, though, re ace Gerrit Cole. As a fan of both teams, it seems like dour injury news is a year-long theme unfolding. I will discuss those two situations today and touch on what this means for each club.


The Knickerbockers have dealt with their string of bad luck with ailments to Mitchell Robinson, Julius Randle and OG Anunoby. That’s just the players that stayed out the longest so far, with Jalen Brunson and Isaiah Hartenstein losing games here and there due to injury. You can imagine how exciting it was to see OG finally back on the court and starting. This team had suffered their worst lost in years two nights before, and Anunoby showed why he is so important to this team. The defense, as always, was top notch and with him on the court. The team just felt different and more confident. He didn’t have a monster game – Josh Hart did with his triple double – but it was night and day how well they all looked playing together. Let’s hope that this starts a stretch of healthy play from OG, because the Knicks will need him.


Buddy Diaz

Let me just start this by saying this injury will not be for one month. It will be 2 months at the very least, and that’s depending on any news that comes out the next couple of days. He received more tests yesterday, and was spotted in LA yesterday, apparently there to see another specialist. Nothing significant was found in his MRI but that doesn’t mean that the Yanks are in the clear, as they decided more tests were needed. This is not news that Yankees fans want to hear, because they will need Cole this season if they hope to contend for a championship. The Bronx Bombers will need to tread water with a starting rotation that wasn’t long on depth to begin with, even if/when they get Cole back.

I can’t even begin to tell you how worried I am right now. (I know, I’m a drama queen). But it’s with good reason, as the best scenario now is we will see Cole out of baseball for 2 months. There is no silver lining in this, just bad news and worse news.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Jackson Sternberg.

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