Yankees Trim Rosters, Knicks Deal With Another Brunson Injury

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There's much to worry about for Kincks and Yanks

SPANISH HALREM – This is the period in sports where only the NBA and NHL matters. Sure, I can write about the New York Yankees, but it’s limited without real games being played. It’s up to me to make stuff up that is hopefully worth reading (until I figure out A.I.). Since I have almost no hockey knowledge – the puck won’t stop here. Instead, let’s continue pumping out anything possible re the New York Knicks and Yankees.

New York Yankees

As we get closer to real games, the roster will shrink. The regulars will get more ABs and more time PT, to help prepare for the upcoming season. Pitchers will throw more pitches in game, extending their innings limit to stay on pace for a 5-man rotation. It’s focus time – and that means that Aaron Boone will try to manage these games as realistically as he possibly can. He’ll be making the type of decisions he will have to make in games (or are sent to him by Cashman).

So far, they have remained relatively healthy and that is exciting news – after all the injuries they dealt with last year. While they are not out of woods yet, Carlos Rodon looks promising. So does Nestor Cortes. Those two will be needed early this season to excel and compile good starts for the Yanks to be the type of team they expect to be. We are only a few weeks away to the start of the regular season, let this hope the good vibes continue.

Knicks Injuries

Buddy Diaz

It had really been a drag of a month- February –  for the Knicks.  They were forced to deal with a slew of injuries. Cut to today…  Jalen Brunson has missed the last two days due to a knee injury he suffered early in the Cavaliers game. That doesn’t take in account that we still have no return date for OG Anunoby and Julius Randle. Meanwhile, Tom Thibodeau continues to play his 8-man rotation and starters for big minutes.

It’s the Thibbs way and he will continue to give big minutes to the guys he feels will help win. It may not be the best course of action at this time, but there is really no other way when it comes to Thibbs. I just hope we get some guys back soon before the runs these players into the ground.

That’s it for now. Come back tomorrow for Jackson Sternberg, who once dove into a pile of boobs and came out sucking his thumb.

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