Yankees Continue Their Winning Ways and Knicks Brunson Stays on Fire

Yankees winning despite Space Alien Aaron Boone. Courtesy of Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

SPANISH HALREM – There is nothing better in sports for me than this time of year when the New York Yankees and Knicks are playing on the same night… and they both win. While the Yankees season is just beginning, the Knicks season is drawing to a close. One team is looking at the playoffs (Knicks), while the other is looking to get back there (Yankees). Let me reflect on basketball side first before getting to the baseball.


What more can be said about Jalen Brunson for the Knicks this season. The man continues to play at an MVP level with another 40-point performance and gives this team a chance to win every night. He will be without his co-star Julius Randle for the playoffs, but he has seen the return of Mitchell Robinson and OG Anunoby for the stretch run and into playoffs. They are currently in 3rd place in the division, and nobody is more responsible for that than Jalen.


Nothing is more telling than Aaron Boone stating that all they try to do is win the series. Sure, winning streaks are fun, but consistency is what they want. Susan, baseball is hard and during a long season, you will have your ups and downs. Even the worst teams in the league can have a great couple of weeks but its winning series that distinguishes the men from the boys.

Buddy Diaz

Health is always a determining factor when trying to stay consistent and winning, when you have that early, it really helps when injuries do kick in. They still want Gerrit Cole back at some point, but it is important that guys like Nestor Cortes and Carlos Rodon pitch the way that they are capable of. So far it has been a great start to the season, but for it to be one to remember, they must stay consistent with their play… and their health.

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