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“Love each other as Jesus loved the church.” -not Yim (JG Clancy’s religion)

indians_fans Meet_The_MattsEL BARIO, BRONX – Welcome to another Saturday sermon with yours truly. Like my boy J.C., who believed it was best to hang with sinners in order to show them the light, I have with this crew to show enlighten… Well, to be honest – I’m not sure who is teaching who. Anyway…

Apparently, the baseball playoffs have started. As I mentioned last week, I don’t care or pay much attention (I’m a Mets fan, what with the Matt Harvey news and all).  But through the miracle known as ESPN, I have been able to find out a bit of what is going on… Cleveland lost to Tampa Bay in a one-game playoff. I would say the loss is heartbreaking but Cleveland fans have had their hearts broken so many times over the years in baseball, basketball and football, there can’t be much left. Though it still must suck. In the NL, apparently AJ Burnett turned into… well, AJ Burnett. He stunk it up over 3 innings against Cam James’ Cardinals. While I hate to see Cam’s team win, I hate it even more to see Carlos Beltran being part of it…  and being productive. As a Mets fan (click this) Beltran collapsed under the NYC pressure, much like Kenny Rogers and the Yank’s Jeff Weaver. Good Riddance. You can have him St. Louis. He will choke in time.

Sexy-NY-Rangers-FanThe NHL dropped the puck to start the season this week. God, I am happy hockey is back. Now at least I can support a winner (Jets and Mets don’t qualify). Granted, the NY Rangers will find a way to break my heart – that is what they do. But at least they will give me some hope; a hope that kills me but allows for a bit of euphoria before it is over. Yes, they started out with a big loss but it is just one game. They will hit their stride and keep up great form until a second-round Game 4 that they must win, to avoid going 3-1 in the series. It is then that they will revert back to opening day form.

kikoNow, with a name like Kiko Alonso, the poor lad was destined to either be a sprinter/marathoner, play football or box. He would either be good at running for his life from bullies (Angry Ward) or at physical confrontation and fights (Cheesy Bruin – watch him with cancer). So, young Kiko grew up to be a football linebacker and playing in Buffalo for DJ Eberle’s Bills. Being on the Bills can make one question their life choices. Not Kiko. Kiko exercised his dedication to the team and task with this Polamalu-like leap over the Cleveland Browns offensive line to make a tackle. Buffalo won the game, so Kiko’s effort was not in vain and buffalobilly84 can celebrate with atomic wings at Duff’s.

Alabama_LogoFinally, I read today that defensive back Ha’Sean (Ha Ha) Clinton-Dix has been suspended by the University of Alabama football team. He apparently took approximately $300  from the ‘Bama strength and conditioning coach. He will be suspended 1-3 games meaningless games, as he’ll be back in time for LSU. The NCAA and its rules are a farce and so is the this suspension. The joke of a system and it continues! It’s NCAA hypocrisy, jgclancy!

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for the hottest NFL Handicapper on the planet, Cheesy Bruin. If you want to read more of my ramblings you can find them on, look for and “Like” our Facebook Rugby Wrap Up Page and follow us on Twitter @RugbyWrapUp and @JunoirBlaber, respectively.

In the meantime… stay low and keep pumping those legs and see me shine in this bashing of a Yankee fan.

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