Athletic Presidents Day: Would Millard Fillmore Pancake Gerald Ford

Obama Hoops HOLLYWOOD, CA – While our MTM Search Party tries to find West Coast Craig, who was hijacked by a new band of Cyber Terrorists, we figured we better get in here and give you Great Americans something to read on this National Holiday… With that, here’s our version of the holiday… Athletic Presidents Day:

George W. Bush: His first-pitch strike before Game 1 of 2001 World Series at Yankee Stadium  – while wearing a bullet-proof vest – is likely the best sports moment ever for a U.S. President.

Woodrow Wilson: Woody played center field for Davidson College… But he was no Chris Young

Richard Nixon: Scrappy linebacker at tiny Whittier College

Jimmy Carter: The guy was underrated played baseball and ran cross country in the Navy. A Forest Gump type.
Teddy Roosevelt: Boxed at Harvard and played tennis on the White House front lawn

Ronald Reagan: Sure, everyone knows he played football at Eureka College and portrayed “The Gipper” in Knute Rockne – but did you know he also played Grover Cleveland Alexander – who sounds awfully presidential himself – in The Winning Team?

George H. Bush: Left-handed first baseman led Yale to baseball’s College World Series in ‘48 jim-thorpe-all-american-burt-lancaster

Dwight Eisenhower: A linebacker/running back at Army, the “Kansas Cyclone” hurt a knee tackling Jim Thorpe – not Burt Lancaster as Jim Thorpe – in 1912.

Barack Obama: Lanky lefty (lefty) led Occidental College’s basketball team in scoring in ‘79

Gerald Ford: All-American center led Michigan’s football team to National Championship in ’33, and put Chevy Chase on the map with pratfalls.

Come back tomorrow the very Presidential Fake Sandy Alderson, as portrayed by Al Sternberg.

P.s… While Millard Fillmore helped found the University of Buffalo in 1846 – the alma mater of Fake Sandy and Short Matt – he would not pancake Gerald Ford on the grid iron.

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