Meet The Matts Radio: Marino Concussions, MLB GMs Fired, Tommy John for Kids, Mad Dog Rants

indexHOUSTON, TX –  When most of you rise, Short Matt (click) will be on a plane to this boiling hot and highly humid Texas town that has the Texans, Rockets and Astros calling it home. But that’s got nothing to do with what’s in this week’s Meet The Matts Radio segment.

This week, Big Al Sternberg/Fake Sandy Alderson, Short Matt (also known as Matt McCarthy) and Mad Dog of Satellite Radio fame, discuss/rant about:

Former Dolphins QB and Isotoner hand model Dan Marino joined a class-action lawsuit against the NFL for damages (head and monetary) and then he didn’t. Seems that Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross stepped in at the 11th hour and offered Danny Boy a position in the front office of the team. Satisfied that his head trauma would now pass, Massive Head Wound Harry is now VP in charge of Locker Room Hazing.  This has got to satisfy yet another WFAN blowhard and fellow winner of zero Super Bowls Boomer Esiason. Boomer spends mornings telling listeners that the game’s been good to him and that players knew the risks and therefore shouldn’t be looking for handouts by adding their names to these suits. Boomer is above it all, apparently.  Don’t all ex-NFLers have their own radio shows and lots of endorsements?

Massive Head Wound Harry
Massive Head Wound Harry

The Rash of Tommy John Surgeries is astonishing this year to say the least. And it’s happening now to younger and younger pitchers. Two kids drafted last night in the  first round of the MLB Player draft have already had their TJ! Why is this happening? Well, it could be that 14, 15 year old kids are now throwing hundreds of innings at max effort every week all year long. Growth plates and undeveloped flexor tendons be damned.

Remember Theo Epstein? Boy Wonder GM of the Red Sox? The 12-year-old who resurrected the Boston club and delivered its first World Series Championship in 86 years? Well, he’s running the Cubs now. And aside from beating up on your Metsies last evening, there isn’t much good coming from the North Side these days. Like his great-great grandfather Sandy Alderson, he’s finding out that Moneyball doesn’t work if you don’t have the unlimited resources of the Red Sox and Yankees at your disposal. 

Now, to really understand all of the above, please listen to today’s Meet The Matts Radio Segment! It’s brief, we promise. Feel free to comment below – and most certainly come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber.

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