What ever happened to…BIG BLUE?

UPPER EAST SIDE-  What ever happened to the great sayings of sports that we used back in the day, I thought, as I sat in the Doc’s waiting room at Weill Cornell the other day. As I scanned the room, I noticed that at 56, I was the youngest one in the joint. One guy was out cold, most likely dreaming of the days when men were men and instead of leaving the game after getting spiked, he simply rubbed some dirt on it.

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S-U-C-K… Suck It Up!

It got me to thinking of  the days when that expression and others really meant something. You played for the love of it and would do just about anything to not go off that field or court. With that silliness came some OLD SCHOOL one-liners that still resonate with many of us broken-down, jock-types.

Suck it up is another one that has been passed down from generation to generation, and clearly implies that one should not be a wuss. When you have run out of gas (I’m sure that this group will never have that problem, especially Cookie) and ready to pass out, you clearly must find that extra some-some to finish.

Walk it off is my absolute favorite from baseball days. I remember taking a high hard one to the nose and being told to walk it off. That was CLASSIC! Your Schnoz is a bloody, mangled mess and your coach is telling you to “walk it off!” The irony is that I did just that.

Know any good ones?
Kirk CousinsNow let’s talk about this season and your New York Football Giants vs the Redskins of Washington.

This game will determine if your Giants will be at all relevant  for the remainder of the season.   Will Eli Manning be able to out-dual the next coming of Tommy Brady Kirk Cousins  is the real deal, in my opinion, and will lead the Deadskins past BIG BLEW in a blowout 35-17.  The Giants simply lack the ability to handle the offense that Washington can deliver with Cousins and the Giants offense will depend on the ability to protect  ELI GUMP.

Turnovers  are killing  TC’s band and this week will be NO different.  On the other side,  Cousins has  weapons by air and by ground with Alfred Morris surely gaining big yardage against a defense that’s ranked in the lower third in the league.  I will leave all other predictions to the Cheesy One on Sunday.

Okay… Let’s hear from all you BIG BLEW brethren on this.

imageBonus Question: What shade of red will coach Coughlin be by half time?

NY RANGERS quest for The Cup 2014-15 starting soon!

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